Meet a real Mom. Meet Erica of the Yummy Mummy Club.









I just had an amazing, exhilarating conversation with a Mom I met on Twitter. We’ve been exchanging tweets so I decided to reach out and see if I could interview her. I had barely tweeted her when she responded. Seconds later we were on the phone.

Meet Erica of the Yummy Mummy Club.
Erica has an online magazine wrote a book titled Mischievious Mom, has an online TV show, appears on Bravo and manages the Yummy Mummy Club site all while raising two children. I have to say by the time I got done speaking with her, I felt a bit like a slacker.

Right after having children, Erica found she had a difficult time adjusting to Motherhood. She wondered why she was struggling and bawling whenever she saw other Mothers in supermarkets and in parks looking like they had everything under control. She felt like a bad mother. Erica said, “I felt like a complete failure.” But she started talking to other Mothers and found they had some of the same issues – just no one was talking about it. And that was how the Yummy Mummy Club was born and Erica decided to start talking. And today her community or as she likens it, “a collective”, is a living, breathing embodiment of what social media is all about.

In reality, the Yummy Mummy Club is an online magazine for Moms hosting about 23+ blogs and columnists. They all cover specific niches–expertise in their field–connecting with Moms from different business perspectives and passions from radio music programming to even a sexologist.

“I love that social media is making companies accountable for their products and customer service. I buy from the companies who treat me the best and whom I feel a connection with. It’s given companies the opportunity to change their image. They need to really listen, even listen to criticism and if the product sucks take it off the market. If you don’t, we’ll call you on it. The world has come almost full circle and the corner store is coming back where personal one-on-one service is happening.

It used to be mass broadcasters owned everything. Today it’s in the hands of everyday people and we’re taking it away from the mass broadcasters. It’s making everything more democratic. We are more creative, more daring and these are the things people are connecting with.

I love Twitter. It’s changed my business. I’ve made true friends through Twitter, both personally and from a professional perspective. Twitter attracts a certain type of person with ideas, who is social and understands reciprocity and knows how to be interesting with words. In fact, I’ve hired my staff through Twitter.

And it works. There was a campaign for Tassimo offering hundreds of coffee makers on Twitter. We’re weren’t paid but we tweeted about it. After the campaign was over there was a Radian 6 study showing 29% of the voice of parents in Canada was from Yummy Mummy Club–that was me, my staff, bloggers and my friends. It was information that changed my business.

And I tweet because it’s fun. My office is a virtual office. We live authenticity and transparency.”

What’s Erica’s typical day like?
There is no typical day. But here’s what she told me. First thing is taking her daughter
to school. This is followed by the “Virtual good morning note” to her staff around the
country. Then Erica is off promoting and talking about her website, holding meetings to brainstorm ideas, running back to school for more meetings. She might have lunch with some industry girlfriends, fits in a run as she is training for the Disney half marathon. Erica says, “It’s crazy.” Then it’s time for writing the blog and because she is the publisher of the magazine she spends the afternoon picking content and writing for the newsletter. “I’m constantly doing too many things, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I also have to do research because I have a show on Bravo. I’m kind of distracted all of the time. Oh, and I also have a book called Mischievous Mom so I’m touring and promoting that as well. I can do anything and do it on my own terms, she replied.”

And on a final note, Erica said, “ The main currency is creative. If you’re creative, then you’re in the game.”


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