Meet Jeff Tincher: “Daddy’s Toolbox” wants brands to embrace the “New Dad.”

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Not wanting to seem biased and only interview Moms, I like to interview the Dads I stumbled upon. Meet Jeff Tincher a.k.a. @DaddysToolbox on Twitter.

I’m a proud Daddy to two great children, my 6 year old son and my 4 year old daughter. I’m also happily married to my wife Cathy of 8 years this fall. I grew up in NE Ohio and spent my pre-adult and college years there, moving to the Philadelphia area in the late 90s. Love it here.

As for me, I’m currently a Web and Social Media Manager at a computer training and consulting company where I spend my days promoting the business via email and social media campaigns. I also wear many hats and do some SharePoint consulting work as well.

I’m a huge advocate of social media and can be found on most sites including Twitter (Follow me @DaddysToolbox), on Facebook (which I tend to keep more for people I know) and recently have been making a huge push for using LinkedIn for both personal and business connections. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.


How did Daddy’s Toolbox get started? What inspired you?

I started Daddy’s Toolbox ( after our second child was born. I was looking for a way to write about all of the cool new things that were going with my two children and also as a way for me to relieve some of the frustrations I was dealing with as a parent. I wasn’t sure why what was happening to my son, who was around 2 ½-3 years old.

Things were simple with just one child and learning new things and then when our daughter was born in 2006, I thought I knew everything about babies and infants…I did for the most part, it was not learning about a toddler while being a daddy for a new baby and helping out in whatever way I could.

So blogging became my “out” and a way to relieve stress of no sleep, raising two kids and pretty much everything else. I learned to write “my feelings” as a dad and as time went on I began to open up more and more.  After a year or so I found myself starting to not have the mental energy to sit and type out a blog post after the kids fell asleep and I started to mainly use Twitter as a means to finding my sanity and sharing thoughts with other parents. Recently, I’ve been trying to get back into blogging and have guest posted a few times, been interviewed as well and also just completed my first product contest and laptop giveaway.

Do you blog for other sites. How did those evolve?

I’ve written a few guest posts and been interviewed on other Daddy Blogs, most recently my Podcasted interview on TheDADvocateProject ( I also write periodically on Chester County Moms blog, a great Mom and family blog for Chester County PA.

What’s your typical day if there is one?

Typical day, you know I have two children, right?? So if you want to know about my day job, where I spend my quiet hours of the day, then that is at Springhouse Education and Consulting Services in Exton, PA.  As I mentioned previously, I’m the Social Media Manager and Consultant here. It’s a great small company of about 50 people that are great coworkers. Springhouse is a highly respected computer training company in the area and even up and down the east coast.

Then when the work whistle blows at 5pm I’m out the door to pick up the kids from karate 2 days at week or my daughter from her school and then head home. Once I’m home I take off the taxi driver hat and put on my chef hat as I’m the COOK in the house. I do love to cook but when it’s just warming up nuggets it’s not as much fun as when I can really cook for my wife or friends on the weekend.

Once the kids are asleep it’s time to do my social media “stuff”, updating Facebook, joining in on the #DadsTalking twitter hashtag or other Twitter parties.

Wash, rinse, repeat!

As a parent do you worry about privacy?

So about Internet Privacy…is there such a thing? I really do not worry about privacy anymore except that I tend to not post my kid’s names or whereabouts. That is where I draw the line. Of course, if I’m with them, I’ll tweet or update Foursquare saying I’m at a “fall festival” or “apple picking at the X Farm” as that is something that is enjoyable and I like to share that I do things with my kids.

Are marketers waking up to Dads like they have to Moms and their social power?

Yeah, I think so. I recently was contacted by a technology company to promote a contest for a laptop giveaway. I was excited to get this opportunity and it pretty much landing in my lap as a result of a few ReTweets on my part. I was just tweeting because was interested in what was going on and a few days later I was contacted.

And yes, there is a growing number of Dads on Twitter and we’re building a great community which is the male side to parenting. We have a lot to discuss and talk about and it’s great to be able to communicate on Twitter with other dads around the globe. We’ve all been #DadsTalking (twitter hashtag) on Twitter and really connecting. I would like to believe that marketers and PR agencies will begin to reach out to dads as a way to promote items and brands, and I’m not just referring to the DIY stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot. Dads can also have a softer side and discuss car seat safety, best bottles for infants, what cool Legos to get for a 5 or 6 year old and a whole lot more. So watch out for the “New Dads”!

What do you think about this whole “Mom-phenom” and how it’s changing the world?

You better just be ready for the DAD-phenom! LOL  I think what a lot of the mom bloggers out there have done is amazing. Some of them were, and still are, SAHM that juggle the kids and the home duties while still doing a great job of blogging about issues they care about, or fashion for children, and doing a lot of product reviews and contests.

What do you think we can expect from Dads in the future?

You can pretty much expect Dads to be engaged with their children. We aren’t the stereotypical Dad that goes to work in the morning and comes home expecting dinner on the table, kids fed, etc. The “New Dad” changes diapers from Day 1, gets up in the middle of the night to give a bottle to their child, and takes time every day to spend with their children either playing, reading or helping them learn. It’s a great feeling when you child is lying in bed listening to a book you’re reading to them and they look over and say, “Daddy, I love you!”

Do you have any favorite social media campaigns that have been aimed at Dads that you particularly liked? If so, why? Which ones have you participated in?

No. nothing comes to mind. I’m sure there were a few, but I can’t remember.  Hmmm, that means things need to change and more campaigns should be marketed around the “New Dad”.

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