Meet Lisa Duggan of The MotherHood Blog.


I like to bring moms to life by profiling some of the interesting ones I meet in the course of writing Mom-entum and attending conferences. So I’d like you to meet Lisa Duggan of The Motherhood Blog. As a part of the Motherhood Blog, Lisa has an ambitious project– collecting 365 stories from parents of every walk of life.

How did The Motherhood Blog get its’ start?
Before I became a mom in 2003, I worked for American Lawyer Media as the production manager for The New York and The National Law Journal. After my daughter was born I switched to freelance work, doing graphic design and production for various projects. My burning interest became all things parenting and that’s all I wanted to talk about. So in 2006, with some friends—and my Mac—I started a parenting magazine. We published until 2008, then moved it to the blog-o-sphere (The I’ve now partnered with Steve Berger, a journalist and SAHD of three.

What’s the vision for Parent du Jour?

Steve and I are developing new community-based parenting-platforms; meanwhile, we started the Parent du Jour in an effort to answer the 1st question in our business plan—Who is our audience? What are today’s families really like? We think we know, but do we really?

Why 365 parents?
A few reasons; we liked the idea of going around the world, so we might ‘meet’ parents from every country—giving ourselves a year to accomplish that goal seemed wise. And, it’s really hard competing for attention on the web! The web has an insatiable appetite for new content and there are so many great things to read. A parent a day seemed…a reasonable demand on our readers! A quiet, quick respite in a parent’s busy day.

How are you choosing the 365 parents?

We’re relying heavily on social media, on Twitter specifically, to find the majority of our parents. We knew it was the fastest, best way to reach out to people from around the world. We also have a woman assisting us in doing international outreach, by placing ads on foreign parenting websites and message boards. Word of mouth is building now, too. We’re getting more and more inquiries from public relations people and some directly from authors, to participate.

Do you have brands or sponsors involved?
None at the time that I’m writing this (9/20/11!), but we have now begun to actively seek companies or brands to partner with.

Do you think you’ll ever turn it into a book?

We consider it a book already — one that is writing itself, and for which Steve and I can only turn the pages. But yes, absolutely. We would love to bring everything and everyone together at the end of the project — as a multi-media, multi-cultural book— in every shape and form that is now considered a book. Which would be a fitting tribute to the variety of parents and families contained within.

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