Meet Mom, your new Assistant Brand Manager and listen to what she’s saying.








For many brands Moms are the golden ticket to marketing success. It’s evidenced not only in the focus, research and communication all around her, but based on the fact so many companies are employing and deploying Mom Panels. Has Mom become the new Assistant Brand Manager?

So if you don’t have a Mom panel and if you’re thinking about next year’s budgets and the allocation, here is what she’s telling you.

Rethink your budgets and where they are spent.

Are your current efforts netting the end result you desire? A recent Café Mom study showed they’re spending a lot of time on multiple communities. Have you given her a forum to connect with you– a place to share and voice her opinions and her thoughts. Yes, she’s on Facebook. But what content are you serving up there? Yes, she’s on Twitter. How are you engaging with her? Maybe it’s time to take a closer look at all your channels. It’s not a matter of just putting up a Facebook page or launching yourself onto Twitter. It’s about strategy, integration with all marketing efforts, your voice, and relevant content. It might be time to consider a social media AOR to formalize and bring expertise.

Brave social media.
We see that the longer a brand/company has been around, the more likely they are to experience trepidation about entering into social media. Moms are telling you to be brave. They are going to talk about you with or without you. Moms don’t bite. They’re forgiving of missteps if a brand is honest. They just want to help. But Moms can’t help guide you if you aren’t in the conversation.

Evolve your mobile strategies and tactics with location based, virtual reality.

Moms are mobile and increasing their use of mobile every day. She uses her phone for more than communication. Growth in smart phones is evolving. Do you have a WAP site? There are 8 million Moms in the U.S. and 20 million worldwide and 5 billion mobile phones worldwide, even in developing countries. She’s going to be in need of mobile platforms to help with purchase decisions at point-of-sale. She wants information at her fingertips. Are you ready to meet her needs?

Create a strategy for branded apps.
This is one of the easiest ways to be a part of a Mom’s daily life. Build her an app that adds value to her life. A tool that simplifies, enhances, saves her time will engrain your brand in her brain. Do you have an app strategy? Mom’s love apps. Apps for herself, for her children.

Develop a content strategy.
Moms love entertaining, informative content. If you want to take advantage of her incredible sharing and relationships, you need content. Moms love video, games, polls and content to engage with. Do you have a content strategy? Do you have a cross platform content strategy?

Develop new channels such as Mom.TV
Studies show Mom watches TV but usually with her children while on her computer multi-tasking. So chances are she’s not really paying attention to regular programming. So if she is watching, it needs to be particularly relevant, helpful and engaging. Maybe that’s why so many Mom directed “TV” sites are popping up and why video content is so popular with Moms. Take a closer look and you’ll see many of the Social Media Moms adding .tv to the end of their personal URLs.

Reinvent customer service.
When it comes to talking to brands, Moms often use Twitter for solving conflict. Is Twitter the new customer service? It might be time to rethink the role of Twitter. It’s not a message board for a brand. It’s not a news service. It’s a two-way dialogue with your customer. What is your voice? Are you connecting? And don’t forget Facebook as part of a customer service.

She wants you to think about causes and being eco-friendly.

Moms care about the world they are bringing baby up in and what their future will be like. You’ll see more and more Moms purchasing eco-friendly and recycled products from food, light bulbs to furnishing. Moms are extremely aware of our environmental issues. And if it isn’t the environment, she is involved in causes. Moms love causes. Think local with things that support her community. Think global. But make it easy for her to be involved. Remember her busy schedule.

Develop programs WITH her for next year.
The WITH is so important. Moms will smell insincerity. The best way to understand what she needs and is looking for is to partner with Mom. So if you don’t currently have a Mom panel on your team, it’s time. So many brands are missing the mark with their marketing efforts geared towards her. Trust her. She’ll make a great Assistant Brand Manager.

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