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I’ve been kind of selfish when it comes to Momentum and I’ve been keeping all the writing on this blog to myself. But I’ve been going through some mental therapy and I’ve decided to open it up to some guest bloggers. I’ve met so many interesting people, it’s time you did to and got to hear from them as well. So about two weeks ago, Mara Shapiro, aka @ChickyMara, wrote the first one “Is Twitter the new Koffee Klatsch?” Well, today I’d like to introduce you to The Daddy Yo Dude. We met a while ago on Twitter when I responded to a tweet of his about his sick child. We’ve been chatting ever since.

A little bit about The Daddy Yo Dude.

Residing in the mountains of Virginia, John (TheDaddyYoDude) is the proud dad of two children, Little Man (3) and Little Girl (1). He is also the honored husband to a terrific wife (1_CRAZY_mama). Cook by trade, blogger and social media addict by hobby, you can find John all over the place online, sharing his experiences and thoughts on  ”walking the streets of dadhood, one avenue at a time.”

Welcome to the Father “Hood” and the growing Dad community.

By TheDaddyYoDude

Throughout the online parenting world, dads have become more vocal and their presence is growing by leaps and bounds. Dads are talking with other dads and sharing their stories and advice. You can search all over Twitter and Facebook, and read thousands of blogs. Dads are engaging each other, and moms as well, in ways that they never have before in the past.

I am still pretty new in the social media world. I have only been writing my blog for a few short months. New or not though, being involved online and in social media has been a joy and somewhat of a blessing to me. The ability to connect with other dads all over the world and share with them has helped me become more open, and in some ways, more passionate about being a dad.

Writing has always been somewhat of an outlet for me. Writing down feelings and events to see them in black and white really puts a perspective on things sometimes. When I signed up for Twitter and started meeting other dads who wrote blogs I thought to myself: Self, you should start writing one too. You haven’t been writing for a long time. The rest is history. I have met many dads, many of which I am glad to call friends now, and the bonds have been totally rad! More importantly to me though, blogging about being a dad has taught me a lot about who I am as a dad. I can look back through my archives and see how I have grown, and where I have room to grow as a dad.

Dads in social media are not anything that new. I know plenty who have been blogging for many years. Old school or new school, these dads connect in a way that history has never seen before. They support each other, advise each other, and enjoy the connections they have made with each other. Dad bloggers may never be as popular as the moms and may never be as engaged and connected with brands as the moms.  I do know this though: The community built around dads in social media will continue to grow and continue to strengthen.

For that last sentence I am very grateful. The bonds being formed, friendships being made, and the support of community are some things that you just can’t take away. Maybe we will never be as engaged and connected with brands and sponsors. Maybe our blogs won’t pull the numbers that others do. But they will be read, the will be shared, and many dads now and still to come will join in the community. That spirit of community will drive social dads for years to come.”

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