“Mom approved” healthy kids meals now at Jamba Juice


I was a picky eater and my mom did everything she could to make sure I ate. In fact, I get an email every day from my mom that ends with the acronym “EYL.” (Eat Your Lunch). And despite telling her over and over again that she has nothing to worry about, she still sends that daily email.

Healthy eating is high on the list of priorities for all moms. It’s an on-going battle moms have every day. And if you’re a working mom, a recent study by a Cornell economist even went as far as to suggest that having that job is contributing to unhealthy eating and weight gain of children. And fathers, according to their findings do little to help.

If you ask kids to rate themselves they will more often than not rate themselves highly as healthy eaters. That is because most kids think healthy eating is about two things: eating vegetables and fruits and “not eating the bad things.”

Well there’s good news for kids and moms, Jamba Juice just launched a line of meals that contain two and one-half servings of fruits and/or vegetables, a serving of whole grains, and provides an excellent source of protein. In honor of the launch and in celebration of the NASDAQ’s 2nd Fit Week, Summer Sanders, Olympian and health and fitness advocate, rang the bell that led off the press conference for the new line.

The Kids Meals include a 9.5-ounce smoothie and a child-friendly food choice and are about 500 calories. The smoothies have no added sugar and are made from only fruit and juice. And if your child needs more vegetables, the Berry Beet It!™ smoothie also contains vegetables.

“We wanted to offer nutritious and delicious, on-the-go choices for all of the members of the family. By developing the Jamba Kids Meals, we extended the way in which Jamba can cater to our youngest customers. As part of the development, Jamba conducted extensive research on the other QSR kids meals to understand what was already available to parents and kids and how we could offer a better option. One of the most important things that we learned through research with parents is that they view Jamba Juice as a healthier option and that their kids have no resistance going to Jamba for a meal. That means that parents feel good that their kids are getting the nutrition they need and kids get something that they want too,” said Julie Washington, Senior Vice President and Chief Brand Officer.

The kids meal menu at Jamba Juice features four smoothies and two food options:
• Strawberries Gone Bananas™ Smoothie
• Blueberry Strawberry Blast-off™ Smoothie
• Popp’in Peach Mango™ Smoothie
• Berry Beet It™ Smoothie
• Cheesy Stuffed Pretzel
• Pizza Swirl with Turkey

The meals are nutritious and were designed in connection with the Jamba® Healthy Living Council and have the highest whole fruit servings of any leading quick service restaurant kids meal according to the Jamba representatives. The meals were also designed with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate dietary guidelines in mind.

In addition to healthy kids meals, Jamba Juice has other efforts in place to reinforce healthy eating.

“We added both the “Adventure Blender” activity and the coloring books to help engage kids in Jamba through an introduction to our Jamba Pals.  The coloring book download is another way to bring the Pals and their messages about making healthy eating and activity fun to kids.   The coloring books work in conjunction with our Kids section of the website with “bios” about the Pals, the “Adventure Blender” activity and the coloring books, ” said Julie.

And we have had a partnership with the National PTA for several years and which will continue in 2013. We are officially designated as a “Proud National Sponsor.” We also provide fundraising to the PTA through our Sip to Support program. The NPTA is a partner in our Team Up for a Healthy America program. Finally, many of our stores provide fundraising for local PTA’s by selling Jamba food and beverages to school events and donating a portion of sales back to the schools.”

“In K-12 locations, JambaGO machines serve only Jamba Juice® All-Fruit Smoothies™, which provide the equivalent of a fruit component meeting USDA school lunch requirements. JambaGO® is a self-serve, modular smoothie unit enabling school foodservice to offer students delicious, healthy and refreshing Jamba real fruit smoothies. Adding a Jamba smoothie as part of a meal offering helps foodservice increase the number of students consuming breakfast and lunch at school,” said James D. White.


2 Responses to ““Mom approved” healthy kids meals now at Jamba Juice”

  1. It’s good to know there are some healthy options for kids. A few years back JJ got some bad press for some of it’s high caloric options so it’s great to know that the kid choices are healthy.

    Bicultural Mama
    • I know. But these were developed by moms and a dietician. I could never get my son to eat fruit, but he does like smoothies.

      Holly Pavlika

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