Mom-entum and SheSpeaks to release their “Her-suasion” study this Thursday.


This week is Internet Week, so we chosen this Thursday to unveil a white paper we’ve been collaborating on with SheSpeaks. The paper is entitled, “Her-suasion. The bonds between moms and brands.”

Why this study? “Brands have seen the power of moms and their relationships, but we wondered if there was a connection starting to happen between moms and brands. And what kind of a relationship? And through which marketing channels? E-mail? Facebook? You might just be surprised at the answer,” said Holly Pavlika, Managing Director of Big Fuel. Furthermore what kind of content do moms like to share? And who do they trust more for content–other moms or brands? Again, you may just find a surprise here as well.

“We were surprised about how favorable women are towards communicating with brands on social media. The majority of respondents said they “liked” brands on Facebook with out any prompting from the brand, and many are even happy for a brand to initiate contact with them, as long as the content is relevant,” said Aliza Freud, CEO and Founder of SheSpeaks. “Our respondents were very candid in suggesting how brands can inspire them to be product advocates to friends over social media,

For the results, you will have to either come to the live event being hosted at Big Fuel on Thursday or wait till Friday when the white paper will be made available. But the bottom line is social media is revolutionizing how moms and brands communicate.

Her-suasion. The bond between moms and brands.
When: Thursday, June 9th

Time: 6pm-8pm
Where: Big Fuel, 40 West 23rd Street, 5th Floor

If you’d like to come to the event, you can RSVP here.

An online survey was conducted among a random sample of women from the SheSpeaks community, fielded in January 2011. 1,092 U.S. women participated. The SheSpeaks panel includes women who are socially active, both online and offline. And the results presented in this report focus on moms with children under 18 (72% of the sample).

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