Mom March Madness: A vote for all social moms everywhere


So I find myself in Round 3 of the Klout March Madness Agency Insanity contest. I’ve made it to Round 3 after about 4 1/2 hours of sleep yesterday as each round ends around 2am in the morning. It’s a contest of social influence…an agency versus agency March Madness contest and I somehow got coerced into representing.

The grand prize is a trip for two to Las Vegas. And if I win the trip for two to Las Vegas, I’m auctioning the trip off for charity. And you know I will give the money to a mom charity.

I’m making this a “MOM THE VOTE” campaign.

Vote here.
I’m “BIG-HP”

I am the only mom in this race.

To lose is kind of saying moms aren’t good at what we do in social. Right? And we all know moms rule the social web. :)

So please vote, spread the word, tweet a little and help me show ‘em what social media influencers moms are.

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