Mom Research

Is Dad King of the Aisle? One Third of Moms Admit Dads are Having More Influence on Grocery Shopping, According to Cone Communications Survey
It’s 2012, and that means it is no longer expected of moms to be in charge of all household chores. Dads are coming into play, especially with their influence in the grocery aisle. However, moms are still providing their influence to an extent, as are the marketing tactics of traditional products.

Millennial Mom 101
For a while now, moms and college students have been long term critical targets for brands. The millenial market has created a new challenge for companies, with this age group being raised on the internet and social networking sites. Millenial mom’s are a new generation of women and adjustments need to be made within the marketing world.

Consumers Still Purchasing, But May Not Be “Buying” Companies’ Environmental Claims
When purchasing a new product, do you ever consider what went into its creation? Many Americans are not buying into the idea of companies considering environmental impacts with the production of new product. There is a lot that goes into the life cycle of a product, and environmental concerns are officially an interest.

The Green Mom Eco-Cosm: A Social Study into their Motivations, Convictions, and Influence
The “Green” Movement is one that is suddenly booming with new research and findings, making it hard to keep up. With all of this new information though, the topic is very traditional, making it difficult to understand the complexity of a women’s perspective on the subject.

The Green Mom Eco-cosm Revisited
In recent years, environmental concerns have come about and our society has been made aware of the potential hazards. However, is being aware of the environment the same as being committed to being green? Green Moms are now providing insight into the effects of “being green” and making “green choices.”