Mommy bloggers become their own “brands” managers with OpenSky.









Much has been written about the 26,000,000 Mommy bloggers. Many of those Moms are trying to create businesses through social media. They are taking their terrific skills as networkers, the strong relationships they have with their social graphs and using that power to try and generate revenue for themselves. But it’s not always easy to get sponsorship deals and it takes time and commitment. But with a roaring recession around us, Moms are looking to monetize their blogs and generate an income through consulting, speaking, filling out surveys, attending meetings for brands and more. And more and more Moms are joining forces to help teach each other business-building tips on blogging, vlogging and tweeting and creating seminars to turn what they love into a business.

Some bloggers like Heather Armstrong have been fortunate enough to have taken their blogs to Mommy Celebrity status. Heather, for example, has signed with HGTV in January to collaborate on “convergence media” projects and can be seen in Suave advertisements.

I recently chatted with Ted Rubin, OpenSky Advisory Board/Social Marketing.  The OpenSky Project opens up yet another interesting opportunity for Moms looking to create a business and make money. Why shouldn’t she be able to sell the product she is socializing right from her blog? Ted calls this “Relationship Commerce” or buying from someone you trust and believes this will be the next  big thing in social commerce.

“OpenSky Shop is your own retail business that allows you to build a deeper and closer relationship with the audience you value, nurture and attract every day,” said Ted.

OpenSky is a new commerce platform that helps Mommy bloggers bring unique products directly to her audience– an audience that trusts her through her blog, newsletter, Twitter stream or Facebook page. Moms can curate their lists according to their audiences and determine how they will communicate the products they sell. But Ted cautions Moms that they will still have to be involved, it will be a commitment and the hardest thing will be learning to say “buy it here.”

“Affiliates pay little and hijack blogger traffic, spokesperson jobs are incredibly difficult to get and keep, and ad sales which require enormous traffic and pay pennies…but with OpenSky, we handle the relationships with suppliers, the supply chain, delivery and split the net margins 50/50. This is all about empowering Moms to be in business for themselves.”

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