Moms aren’t the only connected ones that brands should meet. Meet Dada Rocks.











I find myself growing in Dad followers every day. One of the Dads that is following Mom-entum is Dada Rocks. We started exchanging tweets and one day I just decided it might be interesting to get a Dad’s point of view of the blogosphere and twittersphere.

Meet Dada Rocks aka Adam Cohen. A native New Yorker (born in Manhattan) professional web programmer/designer, information architect, techie and father to a 21-month old son.

“My son was born August of 2008 And I kept getting questions all the time. He’s 34 inches tall at 21 months. So he was the first to grow out of things. Everyone I know kept coming to me to ask questions. Like “where do I get cutting edge classes.” I got sick of saying the same thing over and over to six or seven people, so I kicked off the year with a New Year’s resolution: I’m going to start a blog. I started researching a name. “Dada” or “Pops” or “ Papa”? I didn’t want to be Daddy or Dad. I didn’t’ want to be Papa as that would be my Dad. So I became Dada. I started in February of this year and since there’s been a tremendous groundswell. I get about 2,500 views per week of my blog and 3.2 of them are repeat visitors and are engaging in the readership. I have about 2,100 followers on Twitter and about 260 friends on Facebook, whatever that means.”

An interesting contrast in speaking to a Dad versus a Mom–none of the Moms I’ve spoken to have ever talked about their web statistics. It may be a direct correlation to Adam’s day job. He is a professional web programmer/designer, information architect, and techie for the New York Law School.

Adam is a very connected Dad and his presence on the Dad circuit is growing rapidly. He’s been asked to participate in the #140Conference that was just recently in New York City And in June will be a part of the EVO conference. He hopes to be part of the M3 Modern Media Man Summit in September. On top of his Dada blogging, speaking, he has a day job at the New York Law School where he is their tech guru.

How does Adam fit it all in?

“My day is divided into 9 to 5 and then 5 to 9. 9am to 5pm is my job at New York Law School. 5pm to 9pm is time with my son. 9pm till 11pm I spend time with my wife. And then from 11pm till 2am, I blog and twitter and squeeze in freelance. That’s Monday through Friday. Whew!

There was a period of my life when my kid was always on a schedule but now he’s climbing out of the crib. I can’t write content with a kid on my lap, banging on my laptop. Twitter is great–140 characters– a sentence or two at best, works. I have to hide my cell from him. I’m amazed at how deft he is at 21 months. My kid’s a rock star. I know every parent says that, but I’ll tell you a story. My Mother-in-law was over and was trying to use the entertainment system. But there was no sound. My son started crying but my Mother-in-law didn’t know how to fix it. My son got off the couch and pushed the buttons to change the input. She was hysterical. He knew what to do.”

I asked Dada Rocks if he thought Dads would follow in the footsteps of the Moms. Here’s what he had to say:

“I think it will plateau. More Dads will sprout up, but a blog is too much commitment. “All boats rise with the ocean tides.” The more Dads, the more ubiquitous, and the more understanding. I write what I know about even though I have a national presence, I write about New York. It’s hard to commit to brands, I write about how I live my life. And try not to be judgmental. I’m really selective about what I promote. I don’t always write about my child. It’s usually what we use. I’m very honest. Lies only get you in trouble. I write about “toys for boys.” I hate to admit it but I still watch cartoons. It’s about quality time with my son on my lap…keeping it real as possible and keeping my sanity while being a parent. It’s all about balance. Oh, and my wife is my biggest filter. I talk lightly about my marriage at the risk of not getting any ‘quality time’. “

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