Mom’s changing relationship with technology.










Do you love technology, or do you hate it? Most moms go back and forth between the two for obvious reasons. Technology distracts, yet offers people new opportunities. Moms have had the satisfaction of using apps for different tasks, like finding a recipe, or figuring out an exercise routine.

However, now they want apps to connect their families and create memorable moments together. Moms are struggling with keeping family traditions alive and now they are going to technology to find different ways to create family traditions that are memorable for all.

Moms are going digital in every way possible to relive family moments. They are creating blogs, making digital photo albums and downloading video to sites like YouTube. According to a recent study done by Yahoo and Starcom MediaVest Group, 71% of moms said that technology was part of their family time, while 52% said it was a distraction. What side do you fall in? I think it is distracting.

I know my mom is doing the same thing as most other moms out there. She is going more and more digital every day. I remember when I was a young child and lived in the less-digital age. I miss it. I miss my mom getting every single picture printed in a hard copy. I loved going with her to pick up the pictures and then sitting in the car going through each one before we pulled out of the parking lot. By not going completely digital, my mom created a memory for me that I will never forget. I still enjoy going through our photo albums reminiscing on family moments. But, is it reality to expect moms to still do that? Probably not. Now about 74% of moms across the globe are taking pictures with their camera phones so they have constant access to the family moments.  I am guilty of that too, but once in a while take a moment to get those pictures printed out. Your family will appreciate being able to flip through an album together one day.


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