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I couldn’t help but think while in the emergency room with my daughter about all the shitty jobs that come along with the title “Mom.”

I was there because she woke up gagging with blood and clots from a recent tonsillectomy. I grabbed a roll of paper towel, we jumped into a cab and raced to the emergency room where she ended up having a second tonsil operation–a rare experience we were told.

Motherhood brings with a lot of shitty jobs.

I’ve caught vomit in my bare hands. It was totally a practical necessity at the time. If I hadn’t had this split second decision to dive for it I would have had to spend hours cleaning the results and the smell out of my carpet. Wouldn’t you have done the same?

We get all the fun jobs like explosive diapers, bloody noses and more. We also get the amazing moments as well.

But if we were truthful, we’d all love a break.

Hours free per week? According to a study by Real Simple, 48% of women say 11+ hours or a little over 1 1/2 hours a day. The main reason? Kids. Followed by parents, than the spouse and finally housework. Two thirds said job doesn’t interfere with personal life. Surprising, eh? 46% of women say the little time off they have is interrupted.

Back in 2010, Dr. John Robinson of the University of Maryland, did research that says otherwise and caused quite an uproar. He said we weren’t working as hard as we claim. His research said we have 30-40 hours of leisure time a week.

Buzz Feed recently published this infographic stating we spend almost 41,000 hours a year:

• 8, 212 hours on cooking

• 11, 038 cleaning and fixing things around the house

• 5,867 hours doing laundry

• 15,834 taking care of the kids

It’s time for a hiatus from the sh*tty jobs. So what would you do with free time that is exciting?

Sure we can read book, putz around in a garden, catch a much-needed nap, but moms need a little excitement in their lives as well.

I have flown on a trapeze. That what was a pretty great adrenalin rush. I have friends that have gone pole dancing, but ultimately ended up injuring themselves. I’ve met women who run marathons and do triathlons.

What will you do with your not so sh*tty time?

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  1. All moms can relate to this post (especially the gross parts that just come with having kids). Sure, some dads deal with this too – though in general it seems on a more limited basis.

    Bicultural Mama

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