Moms Have a Near Obsessive-Compulsive Love Affair with Their Smartphones











Could I put my smartphone in a drawer and not touch it for a weekend?

I doubt it. In fact, I contemplated taking it on as a personal challenge. I thought about how I would handle each day if I did. What if I was lost and needed directions? What if something happened to one of my kids and I was at the gym? A life and death situation could arise and no one could get in touch with me.

I try not to use social media during the weekends, but if your career in social media it’s impossible. And my smartphone helps me keep the conversation going.

I check email in case of emergencies. I read my daughter’s essays she forwards for editing. I make notes on my phone. I even use my phone to write blog posts on the subway.

My phone and I are inseparable. And on more than one occasion, I’ve panicked when I couldn’t find it.

So the latest BabyCenter study is not suprising. Moms like me are “nomophobic.” We are afraid of being without our phones.

Robi Ludwig, psychotherapist and contributor says, “Smartphones can be an important coping mechanism, as moms, especially new moms, may find difficulty adjusting to their new lives. However, the extreme dependence on smartphones and mobile devices can become a complex syndrome, with characteristics similar to obsessive-compulsive disorders.”

Well I’m by no means a new mom and I am attached to my phone.  And I’m positive most mothers would agree with me. But we’re not singularly using our phones for everything we need.

The BabyCenter report revealed:

• Social Media: Nearly 70% of moms access social networks on her smartphone, 17% prefer their tablet and 14% prefer laptops.

• Email: 58% of moms use their smartphone to read email, but 57% prefer the larger keyboard on their laptop for writing and responding to messages.

• Entertainment: Half of moms use their tablet for watching TV and video, compared to only 31% who are most likely to use their laptop and 19% who are most likely to use their smartphone.

• Information: Moms are divided on which device they prefer, but smartphones are at the leading edge – 42% of moms say smartphones are their device of choice for information, followed by laptops (31%) and tablets (27%).

Now that I’m done writing this post, it’s time to check my phone. I think I got a text message.



3 Responses to “Moms Have a Near Obsessive-Compulsive Love Affair with Their Smartphones”

  1. Nice post. There’s a new book out by Dave Eggars on social marketing, iPhones, etc. Haven’t read it yet, but it was the catalyst for some folks to experiment and go cold turkey without their devices.

    Ruth Sheldon
  2. I wrote a blog not to long about the number of young Mom’s I see walking their babies/toddlers and talking on their phone. I see them at playgrounds, face glued to their phone, not their child. I’m all about starting a group for Device Dependency.

  3. I would be at a total loss if I lost my phone, it is scary how much we depend on them – we are definitely a digital world, but we need to make sure that we still participate in the real world and take time out to spend the time with family/friends.


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