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BlogHer is coming, BlogHer is coming! The collection of endless swag, so many photo-ops, and numerous IRL meets will be happening THIS weekend in NYC. To honor all of that, I am hosting a “Moms I Like 2 Follow Friday” party on Friday night with Red Rover. There will be a DJ spinning the best tunes and a giveaway of 10 pairs of shoes from Chromatic Gallerie. And this will all be recorded by a video crew and reported by the Huffington Post—you better not be shy! We will be giving away Blume Girl panties and “Happy Families” a new book from author Justin Coulson and more at the end of the evening. This will be a party to remember!

I’ll be sporting a pair of bright pink Chromatic Gallerie’s shoes for the event. I can’t wait. I’m sure I’ll feel like I have super powers wearing them. You can choose the fabric, colors, heights, widths and styles. It’s like choose your own adventure with shoes.

And who doesn’t like to save money? SpreadSave is a new social shopping site. When you or your friends use, post or share coupons, you will be earning points that can be redeemed for prizes like gift cards, music, electronics, iPads and more! So, not only do you and your friends save money on purchases you were already going to make, you get even more back.

And Justin Coulson, a brand new author in Australia has a new book he’s generously offered to the party attendees. “Happy Families” talks about how parents and children can get along with one another through love, kindness and compassion. This book is full of real stories and Justin hopes to change the way parents will raise their families in a happiest way possible.

Blume Girl is giving all our guests a sexy undergarment. Nothing like power underwear! They make the perfect gift because you can also personalize them for friend, family and even the family dog.

In September Red Rover, my co-host for the event, will be launching version 3.0. It gives parents instant event information through their network of top institutions across the country, and then lets you share and invite friends to join you. It’s the ultimate play date finder and it’s free.

Even if you can’t be there, you can start following us and the sponsors on twitter using hashtag:

@JustinCoulsonStay tuned for video and pics from the party!

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