Moms new roles require faster, cheaper and smarter solutions to shopping.


The minute she becomes a mom, everything changes forever and particularly the way she spends. Everything from the media she consumes, the technology she uses to shop, and what she expects. How much does the American Mom spend? About $2.1 trillion is attributed to mom’s current spending power. That’s right $2.1 trillion dollars. So how are you going to connect with her and get your piece of her marketing dollars?

A recent Baby Center study called the 2011 Shopping Rituals of the American Mom will help you get a deeper understanding of how and why she shops. Here are some of the highlights of that study.

• Over 8+ hours of parenting are added to her day which means she is going to be looking for convenience, time saving solutions

• Her media habits change: she goes heavier into social media which means marketers need an integrated communications platform including social and mobile.

• She used to find shopping fun and relaxing, motherhood demands make shopping overwhelming and stressful. Brands need to think about how they can make things simpler and more convenient for her.

• Deals become more important because families cost more: groceries, cars, electronics, appliances and more.

• Mobile and social media are her shopping companions. She uses them for recommendations to make purchase decisions at shelf and to validate she has gotten the best deal.

• She shops for sports and the “deal” is often sealed with her mobile device. 71% of moms will scan a barcode for $5 or less. And she uses finding deals as social currency. And it’s not just the daily deal, she will participate in events like Black Friday.

• She reads labels. She’s concerned with what is in the products she feeds her family.

• She’ll pay more for a product if it saves her time. Multi-use technology that helps her will win every time. She’s busy–so it’s worth it.

• She wants a personal shopping experience. Retailers who understand the significance of the mobile web, customer reviews, ship-to-store and drive through pharmacies, for example, are ahead of the curve with mom.

The study was fielded with over 9,000 respondents, nine category-specific survey and included comSccore and other secondary research.

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