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I must admit that I love movies where the female actresses kick butt and would love to be able to carry off that swagger and kick a few butts myself. In my mind, I would not need a physical gun. My body would be a chiseled weapon in itself. I’d have hair-trigger reactions and stop any impending crime in a matter of seconds without missing a beat. I was had a trainer who was about to be a victim of a crime. It was summer and she was wearing a tank top. She slowly raised up her arms and grabbed the straphanger bar and pulled her full body weight up. Then she stared down the would be attackers and without saying a word, they left.

But the statistics around violence against women are startling–one in four women will experience domestic violence and are more likely to be killed by an intimate partner. And it’s not just the matter of women owning the gun, but the mere presence of a gun in the home increases the risk of homicide by 500 percent.  How scary is that statistic?

Regardless guns were a popular present for women this holiday. Yep. And not just guns but pink gun gear specially-tailored for women with items such as the “FlashBang Bra Holster.” I wonder what Annie Oakley would have to say about this evolution. A visit to a site like and you can decorate and customize your weapon. So it’s no wonder, the sales of women-owned guns went up to 23 percent in 2011 according to a Gallup poll–an increase of 77 percent over the past 7 years.

There’s even “mom’s night out at the gun range.
It’s not enough to merely own a gun. And there are many studies showing mom’s need to get out to avoid the isolation of motherhood. But going to a gun range? Yes, there are moms across America who are getting out of the house by going to the gun range. I couldn’t imagine getting a babysitter so I could have a night out with the girls shooting at a rifle range.

First I would never buy a gun. It would have to be desperate times like those on many of the popular shows like The Walking Dead. Fortunately, we don’t live in a zombie filled world.

Second, I would never buy a pink one. I still don’t understand why companies feel the need to make everything they want to market to women pink. Pink is for little girls or promotions such as the iconic Mary Kay pink Cadillac. Guns, financial tools and other things should just not be pink. If I were ever to consider owning a gun, I would want the scariest, male-looking gun you could find.

Personally I will never own a gun. I would not feel comfortable with it. I don’t even think I could be coerced to even holding one in my hands. I might take a self-defense course, but I won’t have a gun in my house, not with children in the house. I once thwarted a would-be mugger by faking karate.  And on another occasion stopped some potential physical abuse by wielding a serrated knife. Thankfully in both incidents the tactics worked. But a gun would be scary as I might shoot someone by accident in the heat of a moment.

Do you or would you want to own a gun?

This is a big statement about crime rates in America. Women are looking for not only protection, but a sense of control. But I can’t but stop to think about the effect of this on future generations if mom is openly packing. Will we be breeding a gun society where it’s the norm to have a permit to carry? A future where everyone owns a gun? And I can’t help but worry about an increase in school shootings. We have more seen more and more school shootings where the kids have gotten the weapons from their parent’s stash of guns. If I told my kids I was going to get a gun, my son who is enrolled in ROTC would be all for it. My daughter would scream in opposition.

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