Moms who have Momentum: Meet Crissy Page. Self Documentation Junkie.









How would you like to get to know another Mom?

Meet Crissy, from Chillicothe, Ohio. It’s hard to believe, but Crissy has been blogging since she was about 15 years old and she was a “Cam Girl” back in college telling stories about campus life. Now she is a Mom to an 8-month old son and runs her own photography business from her home. She’s a “Self Documentation Junkie” and has been sharing her life online for years. She admits she’s oblivious to fears of privacy issues online despite family and friends occasional admonitions.

She has designed her life around her son and felt it was important to raising her son and allowing her to pursue her passion– photography.

“After several years working in a variety of capacities in the corporate world, I began reevaluating my life, and my goals. I realized that in fact, my biological clock was ticking, and it was reaching deafening proportions! I decided that I really wanted to be a mother, but that being present as the main caregiver for my baby was a huge priority for me. A pair of hardworking parents raised me, and while I know it was not her choice, my mom put in 40+ hour weeks during my childhood, which left me and my brother to spend our days with babysitters. I know that many women prefer to maintain their career, and work outside the home, and I fully respect that! It just wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted to create an environment where I could continue to pursue my creative and professional interests, but also be the primary diaper-changer for my son. I wanted to wake up with him, spend lazy afternoons in the sun with him, and be the one cutting the crust off his peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches.

I got it in my head that I was either going to create this environment, or I would not have children. It was that important to me. So, I left my office job and jumped headlong into a passion turned career–photography. I now am a wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer. I take on as many clients as I feel I can handle comfortably, while still leaving plenty of time to be “Mom.” I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to have my cake, and eat it too, so to speak.”

So now she shoots portraits and weddings when time is available and spends time in her digital dark room. She drives the business and picks and chooses the clients while controlling the amount of time she puts against it so as to balance the raising of her son. She feels fulfilled and is not missing out on her baby. Crissy said, “ My Mom has this quote: You are only as happy as your un-happiest child.”

Crissy is active on Twitter, which is how we met, on Facebook and spends a lot of time on Flickr to post photos from her business. She lives in a small, very rural town where all she really wants is an iPhone and a signal tower that works which will get her out of a “black hole.” The net is her “virtual Main Street” where she gets to talk to retailers and business owners. As a mother of a small child, she has little time to get out and interact. The web keeps her connected. Her son recently had a rash. The doctor wasn’t too concerned. Crissy reached out to her Mom network where together the Moms coupled with some research of her own, it was concluded it was decided it was sensitivity to polyester.

“I am still a writer at heart, and blog about my daily life as a WAHM at My blog is a reflection of me in so many ways. It is the embodiment of my inner-dialogue, the pictures in my mind externalized, and the fleeting glimpses of my daily life as a mom—captured.”

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