Moms won’t like your brand if you clutter up her Facebook page with promotions.














Our365, a Mom-centric relationship marketing company, in collaboration with MBS, a customer-centric marketing analytics and strategy organization surveyed this September more than 1,200 moms with at least one child under the age of six. It’s not surprising the large number of Moms that are embracing social media. In fact, the birth of a child is the trigger that causes Mom to reach out online to find other Moms like herself facing the same kind of issues.

A topline of their findings:
• 90% of Moms used social networking platform
• 78% visited a friend’s page
• 37% read product reviews
• 31% read posts in community forums
• 14% visited coupon sites
• 12% used Twitter
• 6 in 10 Moms claimed social media affected a purchase decision
• 49% of Moms purchased a product as a result of a social media site
• 34% of Moms with Smartphones say they’ve used them for an online purchase
• 54% of Moms with Smartphones intend to use them for an online purchase.

According to the Our365 study, Facebook is the place Moms love. 91% of the Moms surveyed have a Facebook account and 62% claim to access it multiple times a day. A very high percentage, 76%, have liked or friended a brand or product on Facebook. Why? Because they liked the brand’s personality or wanted first-hand knowledge on new products or deals.

Why does she choose not to like or friend a brand? She doesn’t want you cluttering up her page with promotions and she’s concerned with privacy. And she feels Facebook is for her “real friends”. Plus she takes into account she’s probably already receiving emails, catalog, direct mail and mobile messages from the brand.

So in conclusion, it’s very important to have a social strategy in place and a content calendar. How often and what messaging you are relaying to your Mom audience is extremely important. Are you responding to any dialogue from her? But most important is the establishment of your brand’s voice and personality. Clearly she’s looking for personality, authenticity and honesty before she’ll give you the keys to her kingdom online.

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