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The power of meet-ups
Don’t be afraid to start your own meet ups with women you talk to in your area. They are a great way to share ideas, meet new people, learn about new resources and more. Motherhood is isolating so moms will love brands that encourage getting out of the house and opportunities for meeting new people and having discussions.

I’ve often wondered if the articles I write are read. After all there is a high percentage of people online that are just lurkers. Lurkers read but never comment or like anything in particular. But I do know my last Media Post was read because Kathy Zucker tweeted and shared the link.

She shared it with Jennifer Duare. And the three of us started talking. The women were funny and interesting so I said we should meet next time you’re in the city. Lo and behold, Kathy comes in all the time. “Pick a date,” she said. So I said how about next week.

From there that one tweet led to a skating party– skating party at Bryant Park with total strangers — an impromptu meet up in the middle of the holidays no less. I can hear my mom admonishing me for meeting strangers I met online.

Geez, I hope I can remember first where I put my skates and second, if I can actually skate anymore. But most worrisome is can I skate without breaking something? I used to be pretty good. Will it be like riding a bike and all come back to me?

That tweet started in the afternoon and snowballed into hours of tweeting back and forth and meeting new people along the way. The two of us added people and invited them to the event. And somehow in the middle of the conversation, Kathy created an invitation and added an evite link. By the time we finished the conversation, which went on intermittently for days, Kathy had gift bags in the making. And I ordered breakfast for everyone.

We didn’t have quite the turnout we expected but it didn’t matter. We almost didn’t make it to the rink. We talked for hours about business, social media and what we each did. We could have talked for hours more. Social media is the white picket fence for today’s women where we can talk to friends and make new ones.

Now that’s the power of a well-placed tweet and social media and why I love it so much. We’re already planning the next event.

Do you love meet-ups, too?

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  1. When I first became a mom I wanted to meet other moms so I found a local meet up group. It was a great way to meet others in the same boat as you. Meet Up is a great idea!

    Bicultural Mama

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