Must-Have Free Apps For Working Parents

Must have apps for parents and they're all FREE!

For working parents, spare time is something that very rarely exists. After a long day at work they often have to come home to a million different tasks or even have to make appointments with their kids in the evenings and at weekends. Hopefully, this infographic from HappyCleans will make things a small bit easier for you as it takes you through some apps to help you stay on top of things.

When you’re short of time, staying organized is vital. There generally isn’t any room to spend an hour trying to work out what you need to do or trying to remember all of the different family activities for the week ahead. Apps such as CareZone let you keep track of the mountain of appointments for the entire family. It is completely private but does allow you to share information with other family members or even people like babysitters if needed.

Another big issue for families can be expenses. With all the different costs related to your kids, it can be so easy to spend more than you intended. The Mint app gives you some control over budgeting so you can react before things get a little tight financially. It even gives you suggestions on where savings can be made.

The best thing to do is download a few of them to see if they’re of any use. They’re all free so you have nothing to lose! Read all about them and where they’re available in the infographic!



Guest post:

Kat Buckley is the owner of a local services company called HappyCleans. She is passionate about giving people a little extra time to spend with loved ones by cleaning their homes.

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