Must-Have Security Apps for Every Mom


child on internetBeing a mom, keeping yourself and your children safe should always be your first priority. While you may think that you’re doing everything possible to ensure your family’s safety, there is almost always another step that you can take to further the security that you have. In today’s age of gadgets and smartphones, there are a few apps that you could utilize on your smartphone that can make a world of a difference in the safety and security of your family. Here are four apps that you should consider using:

ADT Pulse

For moms who have their homes secured through ADT, the ADT Pulse app is essential for monitoring and maintaining your home while you’re away. The ADT Pulse app has a plethora of benefits for your home such as monitoring your entire security system from your phone, viewing security feeds from ADT security cameras and being notified of any security alerts through text message. Additionally, by making use of a Z-wave module, you will have complete control of the Z-wave compatible appliances in your home.

Family Tracker

As a mother, knowing where your children are is vital, but it isn’t always practical to count on them updating you of their every move. As long as your child—or anyone else you wish to keep track of—also has the Family Tracker app on their phone, you will be able to locate them at any time. An individual’s precise movements can be detailed using the breadcrumb feature, which is essentially a visual trail of their movements. For moms with teen drivers, this app also details the speed at which the individual is moving, and can be set to automatically update you if a significant change in speed occurs.

iCam – Webcam Video Streaming

This app is an excellent complement to any webcam security cameras you have around your home. Whether you use webcams to monitor children, keep an eye on housekeepers and nannies, or you just use them for general home security, the iCam app can be used to view your webcam feeds from any location. Better yet, the app can be configured to notify you when motion is detected on one of the cameras, as well as begin recording once motion has been detected.

Sex Offender Search

The thought of your child being abducted when you take your eyes off of them for a moment is a fear all parents have in common, and not knowing the area you’re in very well can increase the risks of that becoming a reality. With Sex Offender Search, you will be able to see all of the registered sex offenders, their descriptions and what they were charged for in any given area. Being able to prevent your children from entering dangerous areas in the first place is a great step in keeping them safe.

It’s a dangerous world for moms and children alike, but those dangers can be significantly reduced by utilizing all of the tools at your disposal. If you have a smartphone and want to have an edge on your family’s safety, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be using these apps to give yourself a leg up in the safety department.

Stacey WaxmanStacey Waxman is a freelance tech writer with a focus on parenting-related topics. She can be found typing away on her laptop in sunny Boca Raton, Florida. Stacey welcomes your feedback via email

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