My Daughter’s Social Media Barter Scheme

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Woman at laundromatMy daughter doesn’t want to do her own laundry. I shudder to think how much accumulates before she actually does it. So she came up with a plan for getting the on-campus laundry service. “It will free up more study time,” she said. Yeah, I really believe she will use the free time for studying.

After much back-and-forth texting, she came up with a better idea than mom and dad paying for the service–she would barter social media skills in exchange for clean laundry. The only issue was that she wanted the social skills to be mine.

“Please, mama, will you do a Twitter party for them?”

The text messages came flying in. I pretended to be really mad and ignored her.

Finally I said, “You’re studying social media. I’m supposed to tell you? Am I your teacher?”

That led to her decision to barter her own skills. Thank goodness. She tweeted and emailed the company, LazyBones, and to her amazement, the CEO responded and was interested in hearing more! Now what to do? She started by drafting the letter below.

Hi Joel!

Thanks for emailing me!

First I’d like to start off by introducing myself and my experience in social media. I’m Kara Gonchar, a freshman at Syracuse University in the School of Information (iSchool) majoring with a focus in social media studies. I work as a blogger, vlogger, tweeter, etc. for brands like Seventeen Magazine and Dormify. My mother was Creative Director/Managing Director at a NYC based social media agency and taught me so much as well.

I want to help LazyBones with the following:

1) Become a household name when a kid first comes to college through social media.

2) Reach out to more college students, people in the fashion industry, and moms.

3) Improve the Twitter page and Facebook pages through suggestions for engaging content.

5) Possibly create more in-person interaction between the company and students i.e. LazyBones events on campuses at the beginning of semesters to introduce the service to parents, booths at college conventions, etc.

6) Fun ways to get students to interact with LazyBones (I noticed you guys hand out free pounds pretty easily so I am thinking there could be a way to gain more customers and PR for the brand through). So things like “What would you do for free laundry?” Or “Who’s Your Dirtiest Friend?”

7) Twitter parties – an online “party” where we get LazyBones followers to join in conversation, awareness, offer coupons to new followers and those who help the brand
get new followers, etc.

I have to admire her ingenuity. And I had to laugh a little when she panicked after Joel called her and wanted to speak. She wanted to know just what to say. Armed with a couple of tips, she called him. Joel was impressed. She now has to prove her value to him by choosing one of her suggestions and executing it. If Joel deems it a success she will get free laundry service for the rest of the school year.

Maybe I should have just given up and paid for the laundry service. It might cost me less in the long run because I will bet money l be the first place she turns to for help with her deal. I’ve told her to start with Suggestion #6, but we’ll see if she listens to me. But that’s a whole different post.



4 Responses to “My Daughter’s Social Media Barter Scheme”

  1. I was impressed…but Kara disappeared off the face of the earth soon afterwards. Maybe _I_ need to ask mama to do a twitter party for me???


    • LOL! Yes, the pressure of classrooms, homework and then rushing for sorority did in her best intentions. And if you’re serious, MOMentum throws twitter parties and more for brands.

      Holly Pavlika

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