My Habit is Truly Habit-Forming


There are so many flash sites in the fashion space and I’ve signed on for all of them. But by far, my favorite is the aptly named My Habit. It’s so addicting I find myself looking at least five times a week. Fortunately I look, but I’m not buying that often–I’m a mom on a budget.

First, it’s Amazon. Yep. You look at the site and you would never think this site has anything to do with Amazon. But that’s one of the things that makes this a favorite. Anything you buy is shipped Amazon-style, which means fast. So if you’re craving something new to wear or just need some happy shopping time, I’ve found that they sometimes deliver it the next day.  Amazing, but scary at the same time because it makes the site truly “habit-forming.”

Unlike the regular Amazon site, everything is beautifully/fashionably displayed and I love the 360 videos so you can see how the clothes move and look from all angles. And they limit the items, which I find helpful. I don’t drown in item after item.

And if they don’t have it, I have found that the My Habit waiting list seems to work. Time and time again on other flash sites, they run out of merchandise within minutes of the noon gun going off so you patiently put your name on a waiting list. I would say 8 out 10 times, My Habit has sent an email days or even a week later to say the item is now available. I’ve yet to have that happen on any other site.

And I love how they curate everything. Often they will feature 70% off collections like sandals or handbags from all sorts of designers.

And the home section usually has unique gift ideas or items for creating the fashionable nest.

So if you haven’t discovered My Habit and a whole new side of Amazon, check them out. WARNING: one visit is highly habit-forming.

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