My Love Affair with Wal-mart












I went to Wal-Mart today. I was so excited. From the moment I walked in the doors I knew I wasn’t in New York City.

First of all, the carts were three times the size of the shopping carts I’m used to.

And the store? It was the biggest store I have ever seen. I bet you could fit the Trader Joe’s, Zabar’s, and Fairway stores that are in my neighborhood back in the city all inside of this Walmart. I was so overwhelmed I didn’t know where to start but being a vegetarian I headed over to the fruits and vegetables. It was vegetarian heaven. Especially since on the way to the Walmart you pass every fast food chain restaurant you could think of.

It’s not the season for strawberries but they had the reddest looking, freshest looking strawberries I’d seen all winter so I had to have them. Followed by a bag of crisp red grapes and two bags of mixed lettuces that included kale.

saladLook at this great salad I made with mixed greens and cabbages with strawberries and a little provolone cheese and balsamic vinaigrette. It’s yummy.

I kept on going and came to the desserts. Immediately I spied the cheesecake. How could I pass up an assortment of cheesecake slices?

I headed on with my cart and passed box after box, bottle after bottle and more food than I’ve ever seen in anyone store.

I found myself in the pet section where they had an assortment of dog clothes. There were three managers there discussing the placement of the clothes and I found myself talking to one of them. I explained I had never seen anything like this being from New York City and he told me that this Wal-Mart was one of the smaller ones. I could not fathom how anyone could find anything in the story even bigger I would need GPS to find anything. He tried to talk me into buying a camouflage harness for my dog, but I ended up buying dental chews instead. They were half the cost of the same bag in New York City.

Done with my little mini shopping trip, I headed to the checkout. You had a choice of self-check out or having a clerk do it. I chose the clerk and she asked me, “did you find everything you wanted?” I guess so I told her, “I am from New York City I explained and I’ve never seen a store with this many items and have no clue if I found everything I wanted.”

If I had an empty suitcase, I would take so many things back with me to New York. And sure, I know I could just buy a very affordable one at Wal-mart. I will so miss Wal-mart when I head back.

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