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I suck at blogging. I can write. That part comes easy most of the time. But the other things that make a blog a success are things I suck at. So I’ve made it a goal this year to try and do a better job. This is a huge challenge as my day job takes up the majority of my time and I already spend at least one day every weekend writing content. I’ve started by setting a calendar reminder to goose myself to get out the newsletter.

My first goal is a plugin assessment.

My first improvement area is going to be looking at ALL the plugins on my site. Do I need them all? How much is too many before it affects the speed of the site? It’s definitely time for some housecleaning. I ran across an article from Jeff Bullas and was happy to see that many of the plug ins I already have on the site are ones he recommends.

SEO makes my head spin. My creative brain screams at the sight of those three letters. But I’m going to take out SoFabU class on it and I know I’ll learn a lot. In my quest to do a better job, I installed an All in One SEO plugin that is supposed to automatically grab keywords, the headline and create a proper description suitable for Google’s algorithms.

Recently I installed a Zemanta plug in. It brings up related posts using keywords…older content and highlights it at the end of a post along with a thumbnail. I like this. It was free and it looks clean. I hate clutter. Took me five minutes max to install. Now all my older related content come up at the end.

A friend installed the Evergreen post tweeter. You can set it to auto-post tweets with links to your most recent articles. It seems to be working as the post seem to be getting read and shared. You just have to be careful that you are also having conversation on Twitter. I got a little buried and the only thing in my stream was these auto-tweets, which looked a little spammy. But hey, we’re all publishers and syndication is okay.

New plug ins I’m looking at are “Thank Me Later” and JM Twitter Cards

Thankme laterJM Twitter cards














I also do a terrible job of staying on top of the comments on the blog. It only takes a few moments, but I forget to check. The Thank Me Later plugin automatically posts a short note acknowledging the comment and emails them a thank you at the day/time you determine. And you can Link it to your RSS feed to get more readers or to your Twitter or Facebook pages to get more followers or likes.

JM Twitter cards allow you to include video and photos in your tweets and treat Twitter more like Facebook. Ironic as the next version set to come shortly from Twitter will look more like Facebook and when you post in Linked In. It will include the headline, a short description along with the image.

When was the last time you did a plugin examination?


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