Nack App Takes Suspended Coffee Gifting Digital.


The Nack App makes it easy to do random acts of kindness.

I think you would all agree that the world needs a lot more kindness it right now.

Via, a ride sharing service app I take all the time, was offering riders the opportunity to add a random act of kindness Insomnia cookie over the holidays. You only had to add it to your ride and some lucky rider would get a cookie thanks to you. I didn’t participate because at $5 I felt I could do more good buying food for a homeless person on the street.

Then I read about the Nack app, I thought what a brilliant, simple idea for doing something nice for someone. I don’t drink coffee myself, but I have plenty of co-workers and friends who would die without their cup of morning joe. And I’m sure I could buy a tea for myself and gift a coffee to someone else so don’t let non-coffee drinking stand in your way of kindness.


Have you ever heard of suspended coffee?
I had no idea that suspended coffee was an idea started in Naples – “caffe sospeso” The idea is centered around helping others by buying two coffees, but saving the second for someone who couldn’t afford it. Suspended coffee was huge in World War II and the Nack app hopes to bring digital ease to this old concept of charity. 

How does Nack work?
First download the app at the app store. It’s free and available is IOS and Android.

It’s really simple to set up from there. And in my area looks like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts participates, which is great since they are prolific in New York City.

The navigation is simple. “Get coffee” or “Give” coffee and see your history and your Kindness Score. You can choose to give the coffee to a stranger or a friend. You just enter their email or mobile number into the app along with a personal message. You can even add a photo if you want.

The coffee comes in the form of a digital gift card and you’ll have to pay a processing fee so it amounts to $5.46 to gift some coffee. I know my kids would love me randomly gifting them a surprise reward. It’s a great way to gift a college kid who is studying hard for a test. I used to mail Starbucks gift cards, but this is much easier. And if we didn’t already have an internal peer-to-peer recognition program at the office this would be a great way to thank a co-worker.

Are you ready to enter the world of suspended coffees?


NackKindnessScore Nackapp




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