Need A Gift Idea For A Man Who Has Everything?

Introducing Mantry–A food subscription service for men.

The days of borrowing a cup sugar have changed. Recently a neighbor knocked on our office door to inquire whether we had scissors he could borrow. In the process, we asked, “So what do you do that you need our scissors?” And were introduced to Reggie Milligan, a co-founder of Mantry along with his partner, Kyle Zien.

So what is Mantry? It’s the “man’s pantry” in the form of a food subscription service. Think of it like the man’s Birchbox with interesting food. And their mission is to get guys to entertain. It’s time to burst the belief that men are hopeless in the kitchen. And what is better than a man that cooks?

Reggie grew up in a very food-centric family as a part of the Food Network Generation. He became very interested in food at the age of 14 and ended up working hands on for three years at a Daniel Boulud’s Lumière Restaurant in Vancouver. He entered a cooking contest and ultimately won a $40,000 scholarship to culinary institute and while wrote letters to The French Laundry where he earned a one-day free kitchen trial, which led to a full time job at the age of 17. But at 19, Reggie was ready to leave the kitchen and to get a degree in entrepreneurism.

While studying, Reggie and friends started “The Social Feed”–social dinner parties with upwards of 30 to 40 complete strangers–a food meet up that grew across Canada and was eventually bought by Grub With Us. This sparked the idea of creating food media hubs for guys and the thinking around Food of the Month 2.0 and Mantry was born.

“Mantry is basically a premium food-of-the-month club tailored to guys minus the basically.  Our Mantry team scours the planet to uncover the best craft, artisan and small-batch products. We put 5-8 full sized items in a prohibition style crate (you gotta crack the lid off) and ship them to a guy’s front door. Along with products we offer the “Manual” which is our riff on a mini-magazine with no BS advice on how to use the items and product backgrounds. The three main goals are to connect men with remarkable products, quality applications and a story to tell,” said Reggie.

So how is Mantry getting the word out?

They’re using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The numbers of women who are buying their product surprised them, but we were not surprised at all. And who better to have an audience then today’s networked mom.

Each unique item comes with a recipe and an interesting story to tell–think of it as a bit of bragging rights. Norwegian Reindeer Jerky and Oaxacan hot chocolate anyone? It may have been designed to define a man’s appetite, but it’s sure to intrigue the female taste buds as well.

And MOMentumNation thought what a great gift for the holidays, which are almost upon us. And Mantry had some ideas for apps and magazines to round out the menu of cooking ideas.

Mantry’s Favorite Food Publications

Looking for a perfect present, here’s Mantry’s suggestions for the foodie in your life.

1) Meat Paper // Vegetarian’s Nightmare.

2) Lucky Peach // Momofuku Chef David Chang’s Ode To Gluttony.

3) Imbibe // Liquid Culture.


Mantry’s Top Picks for Food Apps

1) Speakeasy Cocktails // Don’t keep booze recipes in your head, keep em’ in your pocket.

2) Epicurious // The definitive recipe handbook.

3) Craft Beer App // Save the Bud Light for the game, not the dinner table.


Made in America // Three (3) craft products to upgrade any Mantry

1) Bourbon Smoked Sugar // Louisville, Kentucky

2) Blue Ox Jerky // Troy, Michigan

3) Stu’s Bloody Mary Mix // Chicago, Illinois

To learn more about Mantry visit them on Twitter and Facebook.

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