New App Teaches Kids to Coding.

Hopscotch Coding App










One of the things parents think about is their child’s future. We nag them about homework and grades so hopefully they’ll be able to get in the college of their choosing. And as we look at the job market, we pray they’ll be able to get employment when they graduate.

What if you could start them early? Like ages 8 and up with getting comfortable with learning how to code? There’s no doubt that our future is going to be lined with technology and computer programming. And with the focus on STEM, (Science, Technology, Electronics and Math), Hopscotch is setting out to gets kids interested in coding by making it fun, approachable and easy to understand. It’s an iPad programming language. And the app is already one of the top education apps in the App Store.


“Hopscotch allows you to create an interactive program on the iPad by dragging blocks of code and dropping them into a scripting area. No typing required. For this first release we focused our efforts on creating an intuitive and beautiful programming experience.”

Women may make up more than half the workforce in the U.S. but that doesn’t mean we make up half the tech jobs. This app could be one of the keys to getting girls (and boys) interested in computer programming.



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