New Twitter functions lead to more twinfluence with moms in social media

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Mashable predicted that one of the top five trends for 2010 will be Twitter usage. So I thought I’d delve into that thought and coincidentally Twitter Chief Executive Evan Williams at the South by Southwest music festival announced a new feature called @Anywhere to help spread the popular micro-blogging site even more and bring Mashable’s prediction to fruition.


The new feature lets sites embed key Twitter features without having to send users off to Twitter’s home page. By hovering the cursor on a name, viewers can see a person’s Twitter handle, see how many followers they have and with a click a button to follow them all without having to go to Twitter’s site. It’s a feature busy Moms are going to love.


With 75 million users sending 50 million tweets a day, Twitter has been looking for ways to let people get more out of Twitter.


With @Anywhere, Twitter hopes to solve both problems at once. The idea is by letting users follow people directly on their websites, Twitter gets more users and the users are more likely to find interesting people to follow.


Twitter added location sharing allowing Tweeters to opt for sharing their current location. So finding Moms in your neighbor will be much more convenient.


And if you want to know what else Moms love about Twitter…they love it and use it as:

• cathartic venting venue

• the ultimate search engine

• an advice column

• a quick way to find like-minded people

• instant connectedness

• news

• emergency information

• to follow influencers

• to drive traffic to their blogs

• to win free stuff

• to stay on top of community events

• shopping

• get to sales


These new features will certainly help Twitter and it’s Tweetdom. And these facts are an indication they’re heading in the right direction…4.7 million mobile users accessed Twitter from their mobile browser in January 2010, representing a 347% growth from 1.05 million mobile users in January 2009 according to Comscore. And In December 2009, Nielsen research reported that women were responsible for 55% of mobile social networking activity.



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