Five Eczema Tips Just In Time For Back-to-School.

  Back to school for eczema children may bring about a different set of challenges, for instance, how to continue with eczema skincare ...

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Valuable Tips For Building A Custom Home

Have you ever thought about building a custom dream home? I have. The closest I’ve gotten was designing my own kitchen and ...

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7 Tips for Making Lifestyle Changes After A Major Injury.

I never liked stretching. I hate yoga. It's boring. And I like to sweat. I feel like I'm eliminating toxins when I sweat. ...

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A Parent's Unresolved Issues Can Affect Their Child's Mental Health Issues

I met Heiddi Zalamar many years ago when I first started blogging. Heiddi was working as a therapist at the time. She ...

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New Extreme Family Fun–Discover Escape Rooms.

  Have you ever heard of  “escape rooms”? I had not till recently when my co-workers decided to take me to NWAEscape Room in ...

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aging tattoo

Failing at Stopping My Daughter's Tattoo

  I have been fighting the tattoo idea for years, but now both of my children have tattoos. Ok, they are not really ...

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