Pamper’s launches new baby registry site and applications














Every brand’s nirvana is to get to Mom before she’s actually a Mom. So it’s not surprising Pampers is reaching out to expectant mother’s with their new “Ultimate Baby Shower and Registry” apps and website.

To make sure they cover just about every user experience, the apps come in an online version, a Facebook app plus iphone and blackberry mobile apps as well. Mom chooses her preference. The mobile app allows you to scan bar codes from any product at any store into the registry list.

They’ve enlisted party planners and parenting bloggers like Allison Czarnecki (PetitElefant. com), Amy Belle Isle (, Audrey McClelland (, Jane Maynard (, Lori Falcon (, and Tammy Gibson ( for content creation on the Pamper’s website all around themes, shopping lists, creating invitations, guest lists, packing for the hospital, pregnancy shoes and more.

There’s lots of interesting content but alas, no pictures and no videos. All block after block of copy. Not a very inviting user experience especially when some of the content is centered on decorating and creating invitations. Moms love visual aids. You can share the articles with friends, but you can’t tweet the links to articles from the site.

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