Mom’s like it as their daily twitter newspaper as social media tool.





















Every once in a while, a Momentum community member will suggest a topic to write about. DadaRocks suggested I write about is a tool you can use to turn your twitter feed from the past 24 hours into a visual newspaper you can then share back with your social graph. You can do the same with Facebook posts. In effect, you are turning the top stories of your followers into headlines.

If you choose to tweet the content, the tweet reads something like this: “Read The Holly Pavlika Daily ▸ today’s top stories are contributed by @sugarjones and @tales2go.” Or you can create your own title if you choose. breaks all the content down into buckets like: headlines, stories, arts, technology, travel, education and all living along side with two hashtag sections.

The visualization let’s you instantly see the video or photographic content that was tweeted. And I must admit I missed a lot yesterday and the newspaper brought it all to the forefront. Ironically, it’s a newspaper format based on the LAST 2 hours so in effect is somewhat old news.

The visualization also shows you a clear picture of the kind of content your social graph is posting. This is a helpful at a glance idea of the interests of your community. And you become the editor and enter comments.

The paper is made from your entire list of followers so it brings to light content from those you might not necessarily have had a dialogue with that day so it might actually incentivize you to pay more attention to their posts and engage with them on a regular basis.

Your living paper also comes with a twitter feed of your posts and your tweeps.

So what do Moms actually think about Well I did a bit of crowdsourcing to find out. Most Moms are very happy with their simple 140 characters. It just fits in their busy day but here’s what two Moms had to say:

“I like because it brings topics I like to my attention in an easy format to read. I can share my topics with others on Twitter or by e-mail subscription. It’s so easy to miss things on Twitter, but brings my topics to me. Mine goes out automatically every day. I get so many people thank me for featuring them. They love it! I also subscribe to quite a few that others have created. I have about 8 that I check. I usually go there and scan through them and see if anything catches my eye. I like that I can see some videos that are on the same topic too,” said MichelleMcGraw whose twitter handle is @scrappinmichele, and blog is titled “Scraps of My Geek Life.”

Tanya Snook aka @spydergrrl had this to say, “I use to catch up on Twitter when I have a moment of downtime. I follow almost 2000 people in different circles (social, business and government) so my Home feed is constantly moving. gives me a chance to come see what I’ve missed after a full day of meetings or a busy evening at home. I currently have a few different subscriptions: one for my own Twitter feed and a few for hashtags that I read daily. The magazine layout is easy to scroll through and the Tweet preview gives me context as to why my Tweeps tweeted them in the first place.” Her blog is Spydergrrl On The Web.

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