Parents socialize “Play” and build playgrounds with Betty Crocker and Nick.










Today there is focused attention on encouraging our children to get out and play and to find activities that encourage them to use their imaginations. Enter this social media campaign in support of playtime.

Let’s Play is a month of activities with Miriam Peskowitz where Moms can get ideas for playtime activities for all ages. Moms who visit the site every day are eligible to win prizes. Miraim Peskowitz is well known for books like The Daring Book for Girls and The Truth Behind the Mommy Wars.

Let’s Play is sponsored by Nick Jr. and Nickelodeon’s ParentsConnect, but they’ve also joined forces with Parent Dish and Circle of Moms on Facebook. Moms can join a weekly scheduled chat with Miriam and view a veritable playground full of ideas for fun. There’s also a forum for daily discussions around playtime. Ready to give your child a “Play IOU”? Moms can fill in the blank digitally and create an IOU for their child with a specific suggestion for a play activity they can do together. Moms just print out the page and then can give it their child.

Also supported by Betty Crocker Fruit Flavored Snacks, Moms can show support through KaBoom, a national non-profit whose mission is to have playgrounds in reach of every child.

To help build playgrounds, Moms simply click the “I support play” button on the site. So I pushed the Play Button to see what would happen. Instantaneously a contribution was made. No collection of my email address or anything. Felt like a missed opportunity for something as simple as e-mail. I personally would have wanted to know who these Moms are and it would have been great to have more playtime tips sent my way. The donations are limited to $100,000 and the last time I looked they were already at $70,564. It’s hard to say as there were different numbers on the different partner sites.

A play finder mobile app is apparently on the way as well which will live on long after the promotion, I believe. And on Circle of Moms you can upload your child at play and vote on best pictures and win a prize. I couldn’t find what you might win though.

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