Passion Hits, Three Words and Notebooks: The Secret to Amazing Things

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C.C. Chapman's new bookC.C.’s Chapman’s new book “Amazing Things Will Happen–A Real-World Guide on Achieving Success Happiness” could be the kick-start you’ve been waiting for. The consummate storyteller, C.C. says, “Telling stories is part of my DNA and always has been. As long as I can remember I’ve been writing and the dream of writing a book was always on my life list as far back as I can remember. Now having two books published and having sold as many copies as they have feels great. I plan on writing for the rest of my life.”

I didn’t get very far into the book and C.C. Chapman had my brain thinking. Thinking about the journey I’ve taken so far and where am I going. I am close to living what C.C. says is a “passion hit.” A “passion hit” is a person who is able to make a living doing what they love. A little serendipity, a chance meeting with a consultant and starting a blog landed me in the marketing/women space. I feel very lucky I get to do what I love.

How many of us can say we are living a happy life? How many of us are focused on some sort of self-improvement or simply just working on a personal goal? And how many of us just need a little inspiration? Life doesn’t come with a guidebook, right?


What does C.C. say you need to do to have amazing things happen?

1. Start by working hard–really hard.

2. Stay true to yourself.

3. Be a good person and help others.

4. Be a good listener.
We all do a lot of talking but how often do we really stop and listen to what others are saying and truly absorb it.

5. Trust your gut.
Call it intuition if you like, but we all know in our hearts when something just feels right. The trick is to trust yours. 

6. Keep a notebook. 
Pick up a notebook and carry it with you everywhere. In it you should make notes and look for themes.

 7. Figure out your three words. 
Use the themes from your notebook to create three words. These three words will represent your goals. Then share the words with friends. By sharing, your friends will check in on you to see how you are doing. One of mine this year is actually two words…I hope that’s not cheating, but its’ to “live boldly.”  I’m trying to challenge myself to do things I’d never do otherwise.

I really don’t want to give away more of the book. You should go buy a copy. Not only will you help C.C. to continue to live his “passion hit,” you’ll find the book inspirational and you just might find the path to yours. You can also visit Passion Hit TV for more inspiration.

I’m off to start filling my brand new notebook– I even have different color pens I recently got as a gift from a blogger event. First thing on the agenda is figuring out my three words.

What’s up next for C.C.?

“I’ve been toying with the idea of a book of essays or short stories. Heck, maybe even a mix of the two. Then again, Ann Handley and I have been taking about a follow up to “Content Rules” and I can’t wait to write with her again so I’m not sure what will officially hit the shelf next. So many ideas, not enough time.

My biggest goal for the year is to build The Cleon Foundation into a functioning business. There will also be plenty of speaking and travel throughout the years. No big trips confirmed yet, but lots of possibilities,” replied C.C.

Sounds like the foundation to amazing things. Hmmm, I wonder if C.C. stands for Content Creator?


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