P&G asks moms to “Take A Load Off”


Did you know that if the average household switched to cold water washing for all their laundry for one year, they would save enough energy to power a TV for 1,363 hours? Not that moms want the family watching that much TV. But it does make a powerful statement as we approach Earth Day. But will moms make the switch? Moms have washed our whites in hot water for generations and old habits are hard to change particularly when moms care about cleanliness and health.

But P&G has launched a new laundry detergent and a new campaign on Facebook to urge moms to wash in cold water using their specially formulated cold water detergent. Till May 13, moms promising to “Take A Load Off” will be entered in a sweepstakes to win a washer/dryer. It a very simple ask–to enter you just have to promise to wash in cold water.

To get the word out, they will also be using a series of pop-up laundry lounges ad featuring actress/expectant mother Vanessa Lachey will be helping educate moms on how cold water washing helps the environment.

I think there were some missed opportunities for engagement.

• I would have loved to have had access to a video with more information about how cold water washing is just as good as warm/hot water washing. Moms love the facts. And the video could have contained information on how much energy this can potentially save and how P&G is working with the Clinton Global Initiative on this.

• Also there wasn’t a coupon! A coupon could have encouraged purchase and showed how social can drive commerce.

• And there were no sharing buttons. You can post on Facebook that you made the promise, but beyond that no opportunity to tell friends or share on Twitter.

Well my laundry is piled by the door just waiting to be washed. Now if they could only invent a washer/dryer that cleans and comes out already folded.

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