P&G debuts first video targeting Moms through social media











Procter & Gamble’s Bounty “Bring It” music video debuted today on Youtube. It’s all a part of Bounty’s foray into social media.

“Our motivation for the ‘Bring It’ campaign is to empower moms to encourage creativity and learning-by-doing with their children, with the assurance that they can say ‘yes to the mess’ with Bounty,” said Dave Lee, Procter & Gamble North American Bounty Delivery Brand Manager. “We are excited to release the music video as a way to bring one of our amazing product demonstrations to life, showcasing Bounty’s benefits in a popular and highly entertaining way.”

But I’m confused. I haven’t yet figured out how this music video targets Moms. There isn’t a Mom to be seen in it although there are some female backup dancers. It really feels like more of a young male target. I suppose my 17 year-old son might enjoy it, but I’ve looked at it several times trying to understand a Mom connection. The wet paper towel holding balls idea doesn’t really tell Moms new information that she doesn’t already know and again, feels very male focused.

Bounty also recently launched a Facebook page, so I went to check it out. There you’ll find a promotion around the size of Bounty. Bounty will be showcasing a huge shopping cart or roll of Bounty at different stores. Users can see when it might be appearing in a store nearby. In return for liking videos, referring friends who become new fans or visiting different stores where you can get your picture taken with the cart or roll, Bounty will give rolls of paper to charity…up to 50,000 rolls of Bounty. I’m of the mind that charities would prefer cash over paper towels. And the brand is asking a lot of Moms unless they just happen to have the time to follow Bounty’s schedule of events and can fit showing up at the designated location into their busy schedule. The theme is also so geared to the brand’s message or agenda versus Mom’s agenda.

I will be interested to see how well these initiatives do.


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