Pinterest: social networking for collectors of beautiful and interesting things.


Have you heard about Pinterest? It’s a virtual pin board where members of the community “pin” up and collect inspiring visuals of various things they are interested in like bathrooms, photography, apparel, science and to weddings. And there’s lots of buzz around Pinterest in the mom-o-sphere.  And I must admit after look at the bathrooms, I have a bug to redo mine and start a slush fund for it.

Pinterest is in beta and already growing steadily. If you’re into beautiful things and collecting them, this is the place to be. Everything seems to be so tasteful and well photographed. The bathrooms were beautiful. The graphics are artfully designed.

Staff members have also curated the site’s “Tastemakers” across various subjects and feature those who really make waves on the site with their pinnings. I loved the curated “words to live by” page.

The blog has a section “Pinteresting Trends” which could lead to some insights and ideas for brands developed by the community. Currently like the myriad of uses for wine crates or the use of black and yellow. And the post-it note art page is a must see.

There is a brand new Pinterest app for iphone that has features for helping you retouch your photos. A strategic move on the part of Pinterest to make sure the photography on their site stays true to its’ true inspirational nature.

So even with all the social networks out there is this one worth challenging us for our time? Time will tell, but the trending section alone on Pinterest was fascinating and will be well worth revisiting over and over.

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