Pinterest: The New Recipe Box for the Digital Age


Food is one of the top three categories on Pinterest, clearly showing that the site couldn’t be better suited for crowd-sourcing and creating your perfect recipe book.

Everywhere you turn sites are adding “Pin it” buttons making it extremely easy to collect and organize recipes on various Pinterest boards. Sites like Cooking Light, the Food Network, RealSimple and Allrecipes have all add it “Pin it” functionality. When added Pin It buttons over 50,000 recipes were pinned in three months. That’s a whole of pinning.

If that wasn’t evidence enough of the recipe-pinning frenzy, just look at Real Simple. They have garnered over 500 pins for so many of their recipes. If that’s not a resounding positive review of a recipe with a “must make” stamp, then I’ve finally lost my Spidey sense.

Even the Chefs have gotten on the Pinterest menu bandwagon.

Search cupcakes, for example, and you’ll find yourself in cupcake heaven. It’s not just inspiring recipes, the craft, beauty, and creativity will have you drooling.

One con to Pinterest is that you must beware of the spammers who are using fake Pinterest recipes to lure you in. Pinterest spammers are cooking up schemes with fake links and free recipes.

That one con aside, the many pros of Pinterest clearly present themselves in how easy it is to save all your favorite recipes in one space. Pinterest is truly a the new recipe box for the digital age.

What are your favorite recipes found on Pinterest?

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