Play Games for Social Good and Change.

Social Good

Woman playing gameThe top apps in the app store? They’re games. And that’s true for both IOS and for Android. Check the average mother’s smartphone and you’ll find not only Sudoku, Solitaire but the usual plethora of games the kids play on her phone.  And what is it with Candy Crush? Every mom community has posted an article on the Candy Crush addiction running rampant with moms. (It might be time for intervention.)

Back in 2012 Harris Interactive found that 68% of working moms are playing games versus 30% for stay-at-home moms. Gaming not only gives her escapism, research has shown mobile gaming makes her not only happy, but she feels smarter. EEDAR found that female gamers are not only more engaged, they also have larger social influence.

Well, I know I’m even more excited about the games that are creating changes through edutainment and are incorporating some aspect of social good or incorporating mechanism to encourage health and wellness.

Games for Change, along with USAID, have created mobile games called Half the Sky: Mobile Games. Yes, they’re associated with the Half the Sky documentary that we all love so much. With the intent of spreading awareness of the many issues that face girls and women, Games for Changes hopes to have an impact through education. One of the games focuses on the pregnancy–called “9-Minutes,“ it teaches nine months of pregnancy in 9 minutes.

I used to be a relentless player of the Free Rice game. I loved practicing my knowledge of words and their definitions while accumulating piles of rice to give to hungry people. My children and I would play for hours.

Deforestation? Help do your part playing the virtual game Tilt World. It’s responsible for planting over 10,000 trees in the real world.

Walgreen’s and Duane Reade mobile app awards users with Balance Rewards points and badges for walking, running and daily weigh-ins. It’s a great way to connect with moms that incorporates the brand into their every day life and gives them savings to boot.

And SuperBetter builds your mental, physical, social and emotional health through challenges, facing bad guys and enlisting the help of allies. Are you ready for an epic win? Why not go for it?

I’m just excited to know I can have my cake and eat it, too. I’m now good to go and continue playing games knowing there’s a whole lot of good coming from it– my happiness, my mental health and maybe I’ll work towards earning a future tree planting.

What do you want to play?

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