“Power to the V?” Summer’s Eve better be prepared for some social backlash.


I really don’t think I need to say much. Just watch these spots. Hands representing vaginas. And the hands talk? Power to the V? Really? And just look at the messaging in them. What do you think? And if that’s not enough be sure to take the quiz. Yes, a quiz about your body parts and you can share the results with your friends. Really?

I’d be surprised if this one doesn’t hit socialsphere in a big way. I only hope that Summer’s Eve has a plan in place for the backlash. Take a look a small sampling of comments.

“I have to say, I feel compelled to express my undying gratitude to Summer’s Eve for finally having the guts to stand up and provide the antidote to all those disempowering portrayals of women in media: racially stereotyped talking vagina hand puppets.”

“Oh Lord…so the “V” on a woman is the equivalent of a steering wheel, accelerator or ignition??? So, that’s what “drives” us? That’s how we RUN??? Oh. My. Oh. My. Unbelievable. Sexist and unbelievable.”

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