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After bearing 3 children, I have a little bit more of a curvy figure. Sure, I love my body more now than when I was a size two 20-something, footloose and fancy free without a blemish to be seen on my body.

As the years pass, I have added little bumps here and there to my list of eye wrinkles, and while I am more confident than ever in my appearance, a girl likes a little commitment-free fine-tuning.

In 1998, frustrated consumer, Sara Blakely, was intent on finding a footless, body shaping product that allowed her to wear dressy white pants with open-toed shoes. Only to come up empty in her search, Sara’s need for a non-existent product that was comfortable, allowed her toes to be free and smooth figure flaws brought Spanx to life.

A woman on a mission usually takes fate into her own hands. Determined to update her look and sport her open-toed shoes sans the toe seam of her nylons, Sara cut the feet from her nylons, taking the first step to create the Original Footless Body-Shaping Pantyhose.

My life is all around crazy at times and I must feel confident not only in my character and spirit, but in my body. Sure, I work out. And I am a size 6. But I am far from being physically perfect.

I have to admit, slipping into Spanx makes me feel assertive. Knowing everything is in place, I like being able to modify my look without investing in a permanent change.

And while I am sure not all women wear Spanx, there is something to be said for stabilizing my girls and unwrinkling my thighs.

Three Outfits Perfect For Spanx

The form fitted satin dress – suppressing a little mystery belly bulge is necessary when donning any frock made from delicate fabric. With a body suit in your underthings arsenal, you can be sure you will be as smooth as the fine textile that drapes your shape.

The tailored black slack – My well-proportioned butt needs a little boosting at times, especially if I am attempting to fit into my favorite pair of fitted black pants. Seam-free, the mid-thigh shaper is just what I need to command attention during a presentation.

The A-line dress– all attention up top, the Bra-vo Breezy Back-Smoothing Underwire smoothes, boosts and supports, oh my?

What secret weapon is in your unmentionable arsenal?

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  1. Spanx has changed the way women dress and we can thank one person, Sara Blakely, who created Spanx by cutting up a pair of panty hose to create an undergarment to fight the dreaded VBL—Visible Panty Line. Growing from one women’s entrepreneurial dream, the Spanx shapewear line now includes Spanx panties, tummy control shapewear, Spanx hosiery, and new Spanx bras.Celebrities swear by Spanx and for good reason. The various Spanx styles smooth, shape, and can make you look 5-10 pounds slimmer. With styles that range from panties to thigh-length to footless pantyhose to full bodysuits, Spanx styles solve any fashion challenge we women have. Shape your waist, shape your thights, shape pretty much everything and do so in comfort that earlier girdle-wearing generations could have only dreamed about.


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