Why You Need A Tripod Adaptor for Your Smartphone


xazigtripodadaptor.2Now I don’t know about you, but I have my phone on me all the time. So I use it for pretty much everything: scheduling,  taking notes, writing emails, social networking and taking pictures… of which I take a lot.

So anything that can make taking pictures easier and make it more flexible for me to use my phone,  is actually a win-win for me. Lately, I have been using the Xazig  tripod adaptor with a lens attachment and a couple of the different lenses that  it comes with.

I have to admit, it took me a while to take my protective otter box cover off my iPhone- I’m a klutz and I was very afraid of having something happen to the phone if it wasn’t in it’s protective case. So when I finally got it off and the Xazig case on, it wasn’t the end of the world… nothing happened to my phone. :)

The case was actually quite nice on, I had it on the entire time we were away on holidays without taking it off. I also had a small tripod that I could attach to it – I could carry everything in my pocket or in my purse without having to carry around too much bulk – all items fit in a small bag – The two lenses with covers on them along with the tripod – so they were handy to have on me whenever I needed them.

I liked using the Telephoto lens a fair bit – it actually made it easier for me to take photos of images that were further away without having to use the telephoto option on the camera (I don’t like using this in-camera option as it usually makes the images a little grainy).

One thing- you do need to make sure that you are in an area with a lot of light – having the lens attached cuts the light coming in a bit so you need to make sure to compensate for that.

I also found that having the case on and carrying the lens gave me the freedom to experiment to see the difference the lenses would make.  My preference is the telephoto lens, although the wide angle lens does have its uses in certain circumstances.

The compactness of the items makes traveling quite easy and makes your iPhone much more flexible when it comes to taking photographs, then you can go on and edit them with any of the several photo editing apps out there.

Check out the video below to see how easy it is to set up. I like using it in the kitchen  to take video or photos when I am cooking, so I don’t have to worry about stopping to set up to capture something, but is great to use in many ways – when traveling to help capture more of those special moments or,   even great for students to use to set up in classes to capture the lectures on video.

Unfortunately, Xazig is only available for the iPhone 5 and there is a Kungle one for the iPhone 4.

Do you use any accessories that make  your phone more flexible and more invaluable?

*Disclosure – I have been working with JEBB Enterprises, and although I was given the case and lenses to try, all opinions are my own.








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