Raise a glass to women and the changes it’s making in the liquor industry.


So it’s time to take out a glass and raise a toast to the ladies. Not only have we impacted technology, marketing, product innovation, customer service and more, women are now changing the liquor industry.

We’re holding more high-level positions at liquor companies than ever.

We’re causing companies to rethink the design and aesthetics of the bottle so the liquor is more appealing. Those manly bottles with dark colors and very bolded fonts will no longer exist.

And there’s a resurgence of the female bartender and she’s being taken seriously not just as a sex symbol.

If we don’t find the brand we want, well, we just create our own. Don’t laugh, but drinks like “Mommy Juice”, “Mommy’s Time Out”, “Diva” or Firefly Skinny Tea which isn’t just tea, it’s vodka enhanced. And of course, women will want it low-calorie like Skinny Girl made so popular by Bethany Frankel of the Real Housewives of New York.

And at least one liquor company understands our propensity to buy brands who support causes near and dear to our hearts and is championing a Breast Cancer Research Foundation by donating a $1 from every bottle sold.

There’s no question that we like to entertain and please our guests in every way, especially by their drink selection. Now more and more liquor companies are trying to draw women to their products. Diageo, owns Guinness, Johnnie Walker and Smirnoff, alcohols that is mostly consumed by men is making suggestions of how to serve their different alcohols to make it more glamorous for women.

Stressed women and moms everywhere deserve a bit of relaxation themselves after a hard day at the office or with the kids. And it should be socially acceptable. Cheers!

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