Reinvention or Inspiration?


50th Birthday CakeFor the last 20 years I have been known in the fitness industry as a business owner, professional speaker, fitness guru, and personal trainer. But six months ago I sold my fitness business and in a flash, all of those labels were gone. Suddenly, I found myself wondering, what’s next? The day I walked away from my business I thought it was absolutely the right thing to do; and now, six months later, I know it was.

If anyone would have told me how great being 50 is, I wouldn’t have spent quite as much time trying to fight it. There is no greater time than now. I look back and see all that I’ve accomplished and invite those experiences to join me as I dance toward the next phase of my life.

Now that I’ve sold my business, people ask if I’m busy re-inventing myself. Re-invent myself? Why would I do that? I was invented 51 years ago! No need to re-invent–I’m simply aspiring to embellish what’s already here. Each and every day my goal is to stay relevant, engaged, and in love with the life and choices I’ve made. I don’t need to re-invent, because I believe my past is what inspires my future.

As a 50-plus woman, I really think there is no greater time to be more than 50 years old than now. The opportunities are abundant, and there are endless options to keeping ourselves active and healthy. The desire to please others is long gone, and the worry about impressing friends and neighbors, an unnecessary effort.

The reason they say 50 is the new 40 is because today’s 50 is much more active and energetic than my mother or grandmother was at that age. It seems 30 or 40 years ago, aging was simply a stepping-stone to the inevitable. How sad is that? When I think of aging I think of wisdom, seasoning, a carefree attitude, and an openness to whatever comes. Of course, being in good health makes a difference and it’s a large part of engaging fully in the second half of life.

Though 50 may have a different feel based on being single, married, or divorced, at the end of the day whatever relationship you had or have, it’s still imperative to put your best foot forward, seize each day, and share your gifts with the world. That’s really the best part of being 50-plus, finally being free to share all of those little talents no one ever knew you had, without any expectation other than the pure joy of finally being ready to wow the world!


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  1. Best line – “I don’t need to re-invent, because I believe my past is what inspires my future.”. So true. So insightful.


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