Ronnie Tyler: Black History in the Making

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Slavery in America lasted about 400 years.  Its impact on the African-American family and community, however, can still be felt today.  When African-Americans were enslaved they were thought of as property and therefore had no rights to be married.  Some slaves had the right in a few northern states as early as 1830, but for others it wasn’t granted until 1865.  Not being thought of as a person with the same kind of rights to create a family and having to live without your family because slave masters were opposed to the idea of marriage and family which caused a rift in the African American community.  In walks Ronnie Harris-Tyler.

Ronnie Harris-Tyler is most wildly known as being the wife of Lamar Tyler.  The two have formed – A Positive Image Of Marriage And Family.  Ronnie and her husband are co-founders of this blog and run the site and its offshoots as a team.  The site was created in 2007 and has attracted over 4 million readers who come to read and learn about relationship issues, parenting techniques, and most importantly to get a positive view to tune out the negative images and stereotypes that can plague the media when it comes to African-American families.

Black and Married with Kids has made quite the impact on the way Black Americans see their – our – culture.  We are no longer letting others tell our story, but making our own legacy stand out.  With their films Still Standing, Men Ain’t Boys, Happily Ever After: A Positive Image of Black Marriage, and other socially responsible productions, the duo has been chronicling the positivity that can be found in the African American family through Tyler New Media Productions, their media firm based out of Atlanta, Georgia.  Ronnie and Lamar are making economic, social, and political contributions to our society; they are showing Americans that Black and Married people have promise; that The Cosby Show was not just what we can be, but what we are.

President and Mrs. Barack Obama, (the fictional) Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Huxtable, the late Mr. Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, and Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are all African-American couples who have strong women dedicated to the work they do while still raising a family.  They hold a special place in history for their ability to lend positive images to the Black and Married conversations in this country.  Ronnie Harris-Tyler, who along with her husband was named to the Ebony Power 100 list in 2012, is adding her name to the list of African-American women who are making Black history NOW, and we are proud to watch her do it with a powerful, Black history making man by her side.

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