Sara Lee Taps Into Social Media to Promote Deli Meats to Mom

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DOWNERS GROVE, IL: Sara Lee Deli is building consumer relationships with its brands through a multi-dimensional social media campaign aimed at moms. The “Mama Saga” campaign, which launched September 14, is centered on a series of humorous videos of events in a mom’s daily life, created in partnership with Second City Communications, the business services arm of Second City Theater.

“We know that there are mom blogs and other social networking pages quickly becoming outlets for moms to share information and gather ideas and talk about products,” said Becky Thomas, assistant brand manager for Sara Lee Food and Beverage. “Our plan was to use these outlets to provide added value to moms and really familiarize them with our pre-sliced line of deli meats.”

Each video contains a mention of the company’s pre-sliced deli meats, and the goal is to increase interaction between moms and the Sara Lee Deli brand, which is working with AOR O’Malley Hansen on the campaign.

Sara Lee is providing tips and recipes via Facebook and introducing mom bloggers to its products. Meanwhile, the videos on YouTube and Metacafe ask moms, ‘How would you handle this Mama Saga?’ and encourage consumers to interact with the brand. The company is also reaching out to traditional media outlets, targeting food, lifestyle, and even technology writers, to explain the “Mama Saga” campaign.

“It’s really about showing how Sara Lee Deli can be a convenient, easy solution for Moms who have pretty hectic days and are really doing a lot with their families,” said Sara Matheu, director of communications for Sara Lee North American retail, fresh bakery, and foodservice.

“With social media, we think it’s really important to use not just only one aspect of it, but tap into all the different elements that go into social media,” Thomas added, noting that the campaign is also on Twitter. “We’re approaching it from all different angles.”

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