Scrubbing Bubbles shows beginnings of understanding Social Media Moms.















Scrubbing Bubbles is one of the few brands I’ve seen lately that has shown an effort at understanding social media and marketing to Moms.

First, they fielded a study to see what Moms think about cleaning. Great! Getting inside our heads is a fantastic way to start. Their Dirty Work Index took a look at Mom’s attitudes and feelings toward cleaning their homes and how it relates to her family. Here’s some of the highlights. There are additional points are the Scrubbing Bubbles Facebook page.

• 55% of Moms clean to keep the house clean for their children.

• 3 out of 4 say how clean the home is a personal statement about them as individuals

• 80% of women says they felt guilty if they didn’t clean regularly.

• They think differently about others based on how they take care of their homes.

• And 51% avoided going into a bathroom because it wasn’t clean.

On the Scrubbing Bubbles Facebook page they’ve enlisted Colleen Padilla, aka ClassyMommy, Michele Adams and Gia Russo, founders of “MiGi Style” and Donna Erickson, TV Host of “Donna’s Day” as spokesmoms.  These spokesmoms are lending their thoughts and experiences to the content. Yet another brand tapping into the Mom-osphere by developing a relationship with established Mom influencers. But where are the cleaning tips. Moms will expect to find a tab-full of them there.

Rarely do I find website that have made a concerted effort to have social sharing tools attached to every piece of content. Scrubbing Bubbles has. The site is clean and well organized. There’s even a helpful tool that pops up on the homepage to help busy Moms find the right product for their cleaning style fast. I only wish there was more content for Moms including video which could be used very effectively to show how to’s and results.

The Scrubbing Bubbles Twitter feed wasn’t exciting but at least they are making an effort compared to many brands. It appeared to be filled with more giveaways than content. And it lacked personality that is so important in social spaces.

Come on have some fun, Scrubbing Bubbles. You’ve got a good start now bring more creativity. Talk about how to get your kids or the hubby to help you clean. I had a cleaning song the kids and I used to sing. Break down cleaning by the rooms in the house- kitchen versus the bathroom. Talk about the family pet and how they affect keeping the house clean. Moms love humor in their lives. Bring a little laughter to cleaning. There are endless possibilities.

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