#ShePersisted And The Power Of Women

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Senator Elizabeth Warren will be forever remembered for #ShePersisted when she was shut down from reading TBD speech. I find this disturbing because it was just wrong. She was simply reading the words of another woman. And aren’t we a country who was founded on the freedom of speech and religion? Senator Warren should not have been shut down based on this freedom alone. I am not arguing for or against the content of that speech but on the principle of upholding the laws our forefathers put in place.

I love this video showing Senator Warren’s reaction to being shut down. And what’s up with three men being able to read Coretta Scott King’s letter?  If you haven’t read it, it’s an inspirational.

And I adore her for her tenacity and persistence. She is such a great role model for women. She does her homework and speaks with conviction and passion. She is relentless, which is one of my favorite words.

Years ago I had an impromptu conversation with a co-worker from a different division. I had no idea this conversation would get retold at higher levels within the company and that I would get asked to lunch to discuss them. Upon relaying the conversation to my business partner I was admonished for having a conversation without him present and given a verbal lashing about why all my ideas were flawed. It ended with him telling me to never have an idea without consulting him first. My first thought was “F that.” I won’t work for anyone who doesn’t value the opinions of others and tries to get in the way of my freedom of speech or doesn’t value me for my ideas.

Without persistence so many issues dear to women and mothers would never have been solved. And we have so many other challenges get to solve together. Our country was founded on date and women didn’t get to vote till August 18, 1920 almost over 100 years later. If not for the courage and persistence of women we would still not be able to vote.

We are still one of the few countries without paid family leave. I find it embarrassing that a country like ours is dead last behind most countries moms in the world. And we have a first daughter whose company doesn’t provide a dime of paid maternity leave for its moms-to-be. Even Russia pays out at 100 percent 140 days of maternity leave. Without the persistence of women this will never change. With 85 million moms in the US, we should have a voice loud enough to drive change with persistence.

And according to Every Woman Counts, three woman still die every day in the U.S. from pregnancy complications and 98 percent of these deaths are preventable. This is something we all need to be persistent about changing.

Should we mention the pay gap? This infographic from Nerdwallet below illustrates the pay gap issues.

So let’s join Senator Warren and be persistent. There’s still so much work to do.  Let everyone be warned…women are hella persistent.


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