SheStreams Conference Surprise Learning: Moms like Podcasts and Videos

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The SheStreams conference was held this Friday and Saturday in New York City. SheStreams is a smaller conference that makes it more intimate and easier to meet up with fellow moms. It was my first experience being in the same room with Maria Bailey, the queen of mom knowledge. She opened up the conference with relaying some updated information on today’s mom–the Power Influencer.

• 80% of moms viewed 1 video in the last week versus read a blog.

• More than 50% watched the entire video

• 60% of moms seek product videos

• 55% of moms watch company-produced videos (not slick production)

• 63% posted a video in the past month (20% post weekly)

• Moms watch product reviews, how to videos and for comic relief

Do moms watch podcasts?
A resounding yes–podcasts are an untapped tool for marketers according to Maria.

• Moms spend 2 hours + in cars

• 48% of moms listen to podcasts.

And do moms like apps?
Yes. Moms download games, social media apps, weather, books and apps that help them manage their family’s health and well being.

• The most a mom will pay for an app is $5

• On average, a mom has about 6 apps on her phone for her children.

• 80% are NOT using QR codes, but this is predicted to be the next big thing with moms.

And don’t forget that to reach mom you need an integrated plan because moms are absorbing, interacting and socializing all over the web: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, blogs, apps, Skype, and on Klout.

Next year’s SheStreams conference will be held in Florida. You can follow SheStreams on Twitter, Facebook or sign up for the newsletter here.

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